STEP Reflection

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For my STEP experience, I traveled abroad to England. The course I took was a 3 credit hour May semester class at Ohio State. The course was titled The British Invasion: The Impact of British Popular Music in the 1960s. We spent 2 weeks touring London and Liverpool.

This experience was extremely transformative to me. To be able to see first-hand the effects that music can have on other cultures was an amazing opportunity that I am very thankful for. I gained transformative perspectives and learned lots of new things through this course. This travel abroad experience changed the way I see the world.

The primary objective of my project was to experience something I would ordinarily not be able to participate in. I, for the first time in my life, traveled to another country and was able to witness another culture first-hand. I have never traveled outside of the United States and without STEP, this opportunity would not have been possible for me. This STEP experience broadened my view. I think of myself as more open-minded after experiencing another culture. I don’t judge people as harshly for being different now. I feel as though I have a deeper understanding of humans and their differences. That is what makes life so interesting!

Along with the amazing experience of traveling abroad, another primary objective of my project was to pursue a personal passion. I plan on minoring in music, so this course was extremely beneficial to me. Not only did I gain credits towards my minor, but I also furthered my experience in this area of study. The course, Music 3350, counts as a Visual and Performing Arts GE as well an Education Abroad GE. I got first-hand learning in a place rich in musical culture and art, all while gaining much-needed credits for graduation. This class solidified and intensified my love for music. I am even more passionate about music now after this experience. I have started to teach myself how to play guitar, as well as become more involved with various choirs and singing. I credit this opportunity with helping to develop my passion for music.

Another part of this experience that I will take away with me are the friendships I made during the trip. I became very close to a few other girls on the trip, and we still stay in contact to this day. We had a lot of fun on the trip and bonded a lot, especially experiencing another country together. I value our friendship very much and I believe we will continue to be friends into the future.

These changes I experienced during my STEP project are very important as I move forward with my college life and beyond. My personal goal of traveling to another country has been met. I am thankful for that opportunity. My academic goals were also met through this course. I gained credits toward my major, as well as networking within the school of music. My future plans include traveling to more places to hopefully broaden my scope of the world a little bit more each time. I  now know how important it is to pursue a personal passion. In order to discover yourself, you cannot be afraid to challenge what you are used to or are comfortable with. You have to experience the world!


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