Global May Britain: The Great Adventure

Taylor Tolley  

My STEP project consisted of a study abroad experience, Global May Britain: The History, Politics, and Culture of Great Britain. While living in London for the month of May, my classmates and I went to class each day and experienced the culture of Britain on nights and weekends. Our trips included many museums, landmarks, and even Edinburgh, Scotland.

While studying abroad, I quickly learned that maybe just maybe I would be perfectly okay living in another country. Experiencing life as a London citizen was truly eye opening and I learned what it was like to actually be a resident somewhere other than the United States. Seeing that other countries are different, but not so different that you can’t adapt to the lifestyle, was exactly what I hoped would happen; my view broadened tremendously. It is kind of scary how sheltered I truly felt after realizing that there is so much more outside of even just Columbus, OH. Quite honestly thinking about lifestyles other than my own makes me feel as if people outside the US live on a different planet.

During my time in London I had my classmates and “flat mates” to thank for the amazing experiences that I incurred along the way. While the excursions we went on as a class surely opened my eyes, it was more of the relationships I developed and the out of the classroom time that meant the most. The many events we attended and adventures we embarked on changed my experience completely.

My favorite part about living in another city was the fact that I got to make some lifelong friendships with other OSU students, 36 of the 40 that I had never met before. It is crazy to think that it took traveling by plane, train, and tube to create relationships with students I already went to school with. Seeing this new country for the first time with these people was the most meaning experience I could have asked for. We learned together and lived together; it honestly opened my eyes to the fact that there is so much more out there in world for me.

That being said, I do have to give some credit to the excursions planned and class time spent for my revelations and transformations. Without the help of Ohio State and the Anglo-American Center, we may never have visited the places we did or learned about all the other places we could go. The city of London truly seemed like another dimension before the trip, so I am happy I had the opportunity to be exposed to what life is like to live in another country.

With the help of both professors, my classmates and the activities planned, I had the amazing opportunity to experience London first hand and learn about a new place.

This change was truly valuable for my many goals because it allowed me to live outside of the small cities in Ohio. I would like to be an event planner for either a university or large corporation, so this experience allowed me to see that I could live other places than Ohio; I could even live in another country. From here on out, I have many plans to travel outside of the US and find out what else the world has to offer.

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