Montpellier France 2014

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STEP Experience _Study Abroad______________________________


What? – A detailed description of what you did during your STEP experience. 

For my study abroad program, I had a 4 week study in Montpellier France. While there, I took classes six days a week at the local university. I had the opportunity to meet and work with students from all over the globe. Every weekend, out program coordinators would take us to different locations close to Montpellier, such as Nimes and Point de Guard. We also had cultural actives schedules for the evenings, such as making crepes!

So What? – A personal response to your STEP experience, including feelings, thoughts, judgments, and what you have learned about yourself and your assumptions from what you did and how you reacted. 

I learned that there are a lot of things that are different around the world. It is ignorant to think that everyone should speak English just because I do. I think that it is important to understand that language is a part of culture, whether that language is spoken or manual. This culture should be respected, as it influences all other aspects of daily life. When studying another language, you really have to concentrate on immersing yourself in the culture of that language. This is why we have regional variations and dialects for languages. These reflect the differences in other aspects of culture. Overall, I would say my study abroad experience was amazing and eye-opening.


Now What? – Discuss how the things you experienced and learned during your STEP experience will affect your academic, personal, and life goals moving forward. 

I believe step helped me realize that people all come from different backgrounds. This being said, when I become an Audiologist, I will use this when considering treatment for different patients. Each person comes with their own set of beliefs and culture that needs to be respected on every level. This information will help me guide patients to a treatment that is right for them, and help counsel people that are dealing with disorders in the ear and their families and caretakers. Additionally, I improved in my French language skills. This way, if I never needed to interact with someone in French, I know I would be able to communicate the basic ideas of what I wanted to say. Finally, I thought that the history and culture over in France was simply fantastic. Everything was older than the country that I live in, and it was amazing to see the rich history of the country and how that affected their culture. Overall, I believe that the STEP experience has given me the unique opportunity to grow.




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