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External Resources for STEMM:

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  • Being Human in STEM: For students and faculty – An initiative that aims to foster a more inclusive, supportive STEM community by helping students, faculty, and staff collaboratively develop a framework to understand and navigate diverse identities in the classroom, lab, and beyond.
  • AAAS Career Development Center – A catalog of STEM-focused online courses, programs and tools to help science and engineering professionals.
  • Ciencia Puerto Rico (CienciaPR) –  a nonprofit organization made up of individuals committed to advancing the sciences in Puerto Rico and promoting dissemination, education, and scientific careers. With the help of the vast network of members and collaborators, CienciaPR has implemented a series of initiatives such as formal and informal education, support and mentoring for students, scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators, and provides support in scientific public policy. For more information and to become a member, visit their website here.
  • Yale Ciencia Academy for Career Development this is a free, year-long program that provides doctoral students with opportunities for mentoring, peer support and networking, career advancement skills, and ways to contribute to their communities through science outreach. There are several benefits and components to this program. If you are interested in learning more and applying, visit their website here.

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