5th Annual Diversity in STEMM Meeting at Ohio State

We would like to invite administrators, faculty, and staff who are involved or have an interest in the diversity of the STEMM work force to join us for our fifth Diversity in STEMM at Ohio State meeting. The goal of this fifth meeting is to reflect on what we have learned in the past four years about initiatives on campus and what are the greatest needs we have today: What programs do we still lack and should we think about starting? What kind of institutional resources are in place now and what do we still need to develop? How can we continue to strengthen and grow this community?

May 6, 2021

12:00 – 1:30 PM

via Zoom


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  • Why are we here? – Yolanda Zepedao
  • What did we learn in the last four years? – Marcela Hernandez
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Panel Discussion

  • Panelists
    • Tom Magliery
    • Candice Askwith
    • Lyda Garcia
    • Johnathan Baker
  • Themes for questions to the panelists
    • Enrollment/Retention
    • Teaching and support
    • Resources
    • Additional events during the year for this group


Contact Marcela Hernandez hernandez.16@osu.edu with questions.