For Practitioners

 We have compiled some videos that address the multiple benefits to diversifying STEMM. Check them out!

Check out Background to Breakthrough here. It is a series of short films that highlight scientists whose diverse backgrounds and perspectives spurred insights and innovations.

An individual’s cultural identification affects many areas of his or her life and career. This is certainly true in the context of a career in biomedical research. On the one hand, cultural diversity can help bring new insights to the biomedical sciences through the convergence of differing perspectives approaching the same research questions or problems, which can in turn lead to research that can positively impact diverse communities. On the other hand, some dynamics, like implicit bias and stereotype threat, can hinder the success of rising scholars from underrepresented backgrounds in the biomedical sciences. Learn about these phenomena, and NRMN Culturally Aware Mentorship (CAM) training curricula, which are designed to explore and dissect these issues towards a more inclusive and productive climate for biomedical research that welcomes and supports the engagement of researchers from all U.S. populations.

NRMN is a nationwide consortium of biomedical professionals and institutions collaborating to provide enhanced networking, professional development, research resources and mentorship experiences.

While diversity takes work, it is in the best interest of science—and society—to create a bigger us. Diverse teams have been shown to be more innovative and productive. In this video, Maggie Werner-Washburne shares examples and strategies to make a bigger us and build a more diverse and inclusive scientific community that can help find the best solutions to hard problems our world faces.


In this video, David Burgess describes the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN), an NIH-funded initiative created to support the training and career development of individuals from groups traditionally underrepresented in the biomedical, behavioral, clinical and social science research careers. NRMN will provide resources to enable mentees across career stages, as well as mentors, to engage in productive, supportive and culturally responsive mentoring relationships.