STEM EE Shared Drive

Hi Scholars,

As Consultant, one of my goals is to expand academic and professional development for STEM Scholars. The leadership council and I have been working on a shared STEM Scholars Drive at

There, you’ll find several resources related to student orgs, career development, classes, and more. On the _STEM Scholars page, you’ll find a bunch of important resources and people you can contact in the program if you need help with anything. The shared drive is also meant to be collaborative and will become more useful with your help; feel free to suggest edits, submit class tips & notes, or submit this form. We intend to expand the drive throughout the year and add more classes and other resources that may help.

Additionally, please request to join the STEM Scholars LinkedIn group. Definitely create a LinkedIn if you haven’t already, as it is a very useful career networking tool. While STEM Scholars is young, we hope to develop a lasting alumni network in the future.  

I hope you’ll find the drive a useful resource during your time here at Ohio State. Contact me if you have any suggestions or questions!

Stephen Wu

The Global Mobility Project

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: The Office of Undegraduate Research
We seek proposals from faculty and student teams with a goal of training undergraduate students to perform research and creative work, as well as guiding their projects. We encourage faculty to nominate promising students and urge students to identify faculty as their mentors.
We shall consider applications related to any aspect of mobility and migration, regardless of geographical, historical, or thematic focus. The grants are open to all undergraduate students at Ohio State University.
Our grants offer funding of up to $2,000 to be used toward the completion of a research-based paper, digital humanities project, or creative work in an arts discipline. The funds could be for travel to archives or library collections, the recording of interviews, the acquisition of research materials not available at Ohio State, or other relevant uses. All funding will include an additional stipend of $1,000 for faculty mentorship for the duration of the project. We expect to award up to 16 grants.

Application deadlines:
20 February 2017 for projects to be completed by the end of the Autumn semester 2017.
31 October 2017 for projects to be completed by the end of the Spring semester 2018.

Any questions about the grants program can be directed to

Buckeye Undergraduate Consulting Club (BUCC)

BUCC is a student organization designed to give students an opportunity to get hands on experience and apply what they learn in the classroom to the “real-world.” The first semester in BUCC, new members will become a member of the Consulting Education Program (CEP), where they will learn about consulting, compete in case competitions, and network with top consulting firms that recruit heavily from BUCC. We have many strong partnerships with prestigious companies including Ernst & Young, McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Accenture and more.

After completing the CEP, members have the opportunity to do real client work for companies like COTA, AEP Energy, KeyBank, Worthington Industries, among others. Students get a chance to work with these companies to achieve better business solutions.
Information sessions on Monday, January 23 and Wednesday, January 25 at 7pm in Thompson Room 165.

The Canton Joint Engineering Council (CJEC)

Be sure to check the TeamUp calendar for scholarship deadlines. The CJEC application is due on January 31st.  To access the application, follow this link.

The Canton Joint Engineering Council (CJEC) is offering the annual $1,000 scholarship to engineering students whose legal residence is in Stark or adjacent counties in Ohio. For students to be eligible, he/she must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a citizen of the United States; and
  2. Be a legal Resident of Stark, Portage, Summit, Wayne, Holmes, Tuscarawas, Carroll, Columbiana, or Mahoning County, Ohio; and
  3. Have completed his or her college sophomore year; and
  4. Be accepted into the College of Engineering of any four (4) year University or College which is ABET accredited or in the process of obtaining ABET accreditation; and
  5. Have a minimum GPA of 2.75

Honors and Scholars Ambassadors Recruiting

Honors & Scholars is currently recruiting for H&S Ambassadors. We will have an H&S Ambassador next week during our Tuesday event, for the first 5-10 minutes. For even further information, you can always contact current STEM EE Scholars that are serving as ambassadors (Rebecca Sallade, Wing Chow, Courtney Campbell, and Catherine Manning). To apply, visit

Second/Third Year STEM EE Scholars Interest Form

Hi Second and Third Year Scholars!

The Leadership Council has been working hard to plan events for this semester, but it would be great if more second and third years got involved! So, if you are interested in being more involved in STEM EE during your second or third year, please fill out this form to let us know!


– Thanks!
Courtney Campbell, Historian

Greek Life

Hi Scholars,

With the new semester around the corner, Greek life recruitment is starting as well! Rushing is the process of learning about fraternities and sororities and meeting current members, and many fraternities and sororities begin this during the month of January. You are not obligated to join the fraternity/sorority during or after rushing, and this is a great way to meet people and learn what Greek life is about. I highly recommend you rush, either formally or informally. To read more about Greek life, go to this Ohio Union page.

The four main Greek life governing councils are:
IFC – Interfraternity Council 
PHA – Panhellenic Council 
MCGC – Multicultural Greek Council
NPHC – National Pan-Hellenic Council

And not all fraternities and sororities are within these organizations; many professional fraternities are unaffiliated.

Most Panhellenic Council (PHA) sororities participate in a formal rushing process where you meet all the PHA sororities but you must register by Jan 8th. Read more at the Panhellenic Council website.
Phi Sigma Rho, a sorority for women in engineering and other sciences, and Alpha Sigma Upsilon (poster), a sorority for women interested in agriculture, participate in a separate informal recruitment from the other PHA sororities.

Most IFC and MCGC fraternities and sororities participate in an informal rush process. To learn more, check out the individual fraternity or sorority pages you are interested in! NPHC also does a formal rush process.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with someone in a particular organization, feel free to message me at I am personally a member of Triangle Fraternity, a social fraternity for engineering, science, and related majors.

Happy holidays!

Stephen Wu
– Your Lame Duck STEM EE Scholars Secretary