Summer 2022 Online Course with AAPT

In partnership with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) we will be offering a summer online course for high school physics and physical science teachers.

There will be a 1.0 grad credit “beginner” course from June 27 – July 8. Although you do need to register a free account with AAPT to sign up for the course, you do NOT need to be a national member of AAPT to take the course (even though there are lots of great reasons to be a national member!).

The course will meet over zoom in the afternoons (eastern time). We intend to cover some of the “physics of video games” activities, especially activities without trigonometry that can work even in 9th grade classes. We will also go over the STEMcoding Object Tracker which is part of our Data Science initiative.

Here is a link with more information and to sign up for the course:

The cost is $120 per grad credit plus a $20 lab fee and, if this is the first AAPT grad course you have taken, there will be a $80 administrative fee. This administrative fee is a one time fee so if you take ANY other AAPT-affiliated online courses you will NOT need to pay the $80 fee again.

Please consider signing up for the course or contacting teachers that you know about the opportunity!

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