Summer 2020 Online Course with AAPT

In partnership with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) we will be offering a summer online course for high school physics and physical science teachers.

There will be two courses — a 1.0 grad credit “beginner” course from June 15 – June 26, and a 2.0 grad credit “intermediate” course from June 29 – July 15. Teachers may take one or both of the courses and taking the intermediate course without taking the beginner course is possible. Although you do need to register a free account with AAPT to sign up for the course, you do NOT need to be a national member of AAPT to take the course (even though there are lots of great reasons to be a national member!).

Here is a link with more information and to sign up for the course:


The cost is $120 per grad credit plus a $80 administrative fee. This administrative fee is a one time fee so if you take ANY other AAPT-affiliated online courses you will NOT need to pay the $80 fee again. This was the lowest cost that AAPT would allow us to offer the course. If cost is a barrier, please let us know if we can help advertise a go fund me or donors choose page on our youtube channel and our @STEMcoding social media accounts (including instagram and twitter)

Please consider signing up for the course or contacting teachers that you know about the opportunity!

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