AFIT Summer 2020 Teacher Fellowship!

The STEMcoding Project is partnering with the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) in Dayton, Ohio to offer a summer teacher fellowship during summer 2020. We are looking for one or two computationally-interested high school teachers to come visit Dayton, Ohio for 6-12 weeks to collaborate in the creation of innovative new classroom activities that incorporate relevant science, computer science and mathematics concepts. Prof. Chris Orban from Ohio State University and CDR Royce James, Ph.D. at AFIT will oversee the project.

Funding for this fellowship is provided by Department of Defense High Performance Computing (DOD HPC). Supercomputing is an important tool for solving defense-related scientific and engineering problems. The goal of the fellowship is ultimately to broaden and diversify the “pipeline” of students who go on to develop these skills. Currently, only about 1 in 3 high schools have a computer science teacher. Science and math teachers are well positioned to meet this need, either by integrating computer science into their curricula, or by becoming credentialed to teach computer science classes.

Position Summary

Requirements:​ Currently employed high school teachers who are US citizens. Teachers can be from any part of the US (not restricted to Ohio). Teachers must be interested in integrating computation into their curriculum. Prior coding or computer science experience is not necessary.
Time:​ 6 – 12 weeks during summer 2020 (exact duration is negotiable)
Where:​ Air Force Institute of Technology in Dayton, Ohio
Compensation:​ $1,250 per week plus funds to 100% cover presenting at a national education conference in fall 2020.
Projects:​ Creating innovative classroom activities that mix computer science, science and mathematics concepts.

Deliverables:​ 1. A final report that includes a description of the activity including pre and post surveys to assess student learning. 2. A poster for presenting the activity at a conference, and 3. A final PowerPoint presentation in Dayton in late July or early August.
Other perks:​ Attending unclassified seminars at the Air Force Institute of Technology, Getting a tour of supercomputer facilities, lab tours if desired

Program Priorities

We especially value applications from teachers who are leaders in their local professional networks who may be able to impact other teachers with the skills they gain. Likewise, we also value teachers who have a leadership role in their districts regarding curriculum. We are especially committed to this “fellowship” supporting professional networks with high impacts in diverse learning communities that can demonstrate equitable and inclusive outcomes.

The exact duration of the summer fellowship is negotiable (between 6 and 12 weeks) but we may need to prioritize teachers who are able to spend closer to 12 weeks with us for the position. These do not all need to be consecutive weeks, however a main requirement is to be ready to give a formal presentation on the project during the last week of July.

Interest or experience with education research (broadly defined) is a plus. Our hope is that the final summer report will ultimately be published in a periodical for teachers.

We especially welcome applications from physical science, physics, and/or astronomy teachers.

Teachers Click here to Apply for the Summer Fellowship!

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