STEMcoding listed on Ohio Dept of Education CS page!

The STEMcoding project started in 2017, around the same time that the state legislature in Ohio began discussing ways to improve computer science education in K12. That year House Bill 170 commissioned the Ohio Department of Education to create a comprehensive K12 Computer Science standards, which were published in December 2018.

With the published K12 CS standards, schools now have the guidance from the state to figure out what computer science classes should look like. Since then the Ohio Department has also released a list of Computer Science resources. We’re happy to announce that as of a October 2019, STEMcoding is listed as a resource there! The short summary there mentions various STEMcoding hour of code activities.

While this is not a formal endorsement or judgement of alignment by the Ohio Department of Education, we are happy to see our resources listed so other Ohio teachers can find it! Thanks Ohio!

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