STEMcoding releases 3 more hour of code activities!

We are happy to announce the release of three more hour of code activities. These are: 1. Planetoids & Lunar Descent (which are clones of the classic games Asteroids and Lunar Lander)  2. Pong & and 3. Pi day!

These activities have been submitted to the review process at so they can be included alongside dozens of other activities on which is the world’s most visited website for K12 computer science education. This includes “The Physics of Video Games” activity that we submitted last year that is currently listed on After this activity was posted to in November 2017 we received e-mails from educators from around the world who found it and wanted to know about other activities we created.

We are also happy to announce that all our new (and old) activities are now compatible with iPads! With some help from OSU’s ASC Tech and an iPad we obtained for testing from OSU’s Digital Flagship initiative, we were able to figure out a workaround for some issues related to the iPad external keyboard.

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