Year in Review

This semester has shown me the expectations that come with a large university.  I was well equipped to manage 18 credit hours at a small university near my hometown; however, taking 18 credit hours at The Ohio State University has proven to be quite troublesome for me.  I came into the year thinking that I was going to double major in biology and chemistry, but quickly found myself stepping down to only minoring in chemistry because of the time commitment 18 credit hours brought. I felt as though I did not have enough time to study because other than eating and sleeping, most of my time was spent in class or doing homework.  I have recently found ways to efficiently study and do homework, but I still do not have time for the commitments I would like to such as volunteering and extracurricular clubs.  With this knowledge I will not be taking as heavy of credit hours next semester so I can join clubs and volunteer more frequently.

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