The Honors and Scholars G.O.A.L.S. stand for global awareness, original inquiry, academic enrichment, leadership development, and service engagement.  I think the three I most connect with are academic enrichment, leadership development, and service engagement. The career I am pursing requires a great deal of leadership.  Becoming an orthopedic surgeon would mean that I am the main operator and am giving instructions to those around me. I think I am well prepared for this role as I take leadership roles in many ways.  I play team sports such as soccer and volleyball where I am the captain of the teams as well as being an Evans Scholar where I help fellow scholars in the house in their courses. I relate to the academic enrichment portion by doing my best to absorb as much knowledge as possible. I enjoy learning and find I learn best when I take high level courses because of the deeper thinking they require.  I connect with the service engagement because I volunteer often through the Evans Scholars. As scholars we hold blood drives and other events that I regularly attend and help with.

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