Module 5 – Video Post

I frequently listen to NPR and Star Talk and get extra excited when Neil DeGrasse Tyson comes on so I knew I wanted to share a video with him in it. This was a lecture I found especially interesting on how and why some viruses jump from species to species. Infectious disease expert, Laurie Garrett basically ¬†explains the process of¬†zoonosis. She goes into details explaining why a virus is so virulent when it initially jumps species and why it becomes less dangerous as time goes on. The trio on the show spend a little time explaining HIV as well and why it’s one of the most perfect viruses, so to speak. Finally, Dr. Garrett explains how species jump and that it’s basically a result of risky human activities that cause animal displacement.

The main aspect of this video that helps me learn the topic is that it’s question based. I appreciate lectures that are based off of actual audience questions because I feel as though it supplements the information that would ordinarily be provided. Another important thing about this video and other Star Talk videos is that you get to see the physical cues. At one point in the video Dr. Tyson takes note of something that Dr. Garrett elaborated on. This lets the viewer know that it’s important and something they should take note of as well.


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