Module 5 – Online Learning and Listening

In online classes there are obviously going to be a lot of information that you’ll only have access to online. There are definitely some pros and cons to this. Some of the pros include being able to review information and lectures multiple times as well as being able to have all your information in one place. There are cons though, including not having written information to review in some cases.

If you’re watching video or podcast lectures you definitely have to take good notes. You can either take notes on your computer or with a pen or pencil. Personally I like taking written notes but I definitely understand the appeal of having them saved to your computer.

If you are taking notes on the computer one of the best things I’ve learned is to take all your notes for one class in one document. This makes it very easy to study and review later.

Another fantastic tip I’ve learned has been to make your notes brief. If you’re too concerned with getting every little word down you often don’t get the whole picture. Instead make short, important notes. If there’s something you don’t quite understand then make a note to research it or ask the professor later.

Finally, make clear keywords and categories. This will help you find things in your notes when you are reviewing later!

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