Module 4 – Online Learning Resources

Whether you’re in an online class or not, you need to have access to the internet!

Before you delve into the depths of the internet make sure you know what resources you’ll be using. In addition to knowing what sites can strengthen your academics, also know what sites you tend to waste time on. If you’re on a Mac I suggest downloading the app SelfControl. It allows you to block these distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit for any amount of time. I’m still waiting for the PC version! If anyone knows something similar, let me know!

A lot of online learning resources require significant amounts of reading. When you’re reading online it’s always best to take some time before hand to think about what you want to learn from the reading. You should also be reading actively and taking notes to reference later in the assignment and course. Also, one of the best perks online is that you can bookmark readings or useful sites that help with analyses.

For any student looking for sites to help their studying efforts, my number one recommendation is It’s a website for flashcards and it’s incredibly easy to use and navigate. Not to mention, there are thousands of decks already created for a wide variety of Ohio State courses!

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