Getting Involved @ #OSU

Before coming to campus my freshman year, I went to Fayetteville, WV with Buckeye Adventures to do some white water rafting with other 1st year Buckeyes. We spent 4 days under the sun climbing mountains, hiking, navigating the New, learning how to adapt to college life, and meeting our first college friends. The Buckeye Adventures trip I went on was so awesome and fun that I applied to be a facilitator for the trip the following summer. So, I applied, got the job, and it was totally awesome. Another couple days of fantastic fun. After getting involved with Buckeye Adventures, I knew I had found something I really enjoyed doing. So I started to get in contact with other FYE programs and before I knew it, I was a board member of BBO (Buckeyes Beyond Ohio). I also landed a position with the FYSS (First Year Success Series) where I worked with first years to give them the tools they need to have a successful first year. I love being involved with these programs because they were aimed towards making someone else’s Buckeye experience better. Buckeye Adventures helped me that way, and I wanna do what Woody Hayes preached his whole life – pay it forward. So, here’s my advice to you: contact an OSU club, student org, affiliation, team, etc. and ask how you can get involved. Don’t be scared of hearing “no” and know that there’s a place for everyone to get involved. I found  my place for student involvement, and I enjoy almost every bit of it. Lastly, remember the Ohio State mission statement. If you’ve never read it, please check it out. It’s pretty neat: