International Affairs Scholar

Throughout this year, I have been given the honor of being a member of the International Affairs Scholars Program. Being a part of this community has positively effected me in so many ways. For one, it has really aided me in approaching my education with enthusiasm, excitement, and seriousness. With being a scholar, I am held to a higher standard and am expected to excel in my academics, and this program has taught me how to do just that. It has also been a huge help in assisting me in learning how to balance my time. Between the classes and events and meetings that are a necessity to be a part of the group I have learned how to master balancing my free time, my academics and my extracurriculars. Scholars has also blessed me with knowledge I just couldn’t earn elsewhere. Between the guest speakers and professors who host many of the events, I receive an up close and hands on education that many other people and students are not lucky enough to receive. The program has also helped me meet many new people and gain a solid relation with faculty at The Ohio State University.

The Ohio State University has blessed me with so many opportunities, but my involvement in this program truly stands out. Being an International Affair Scholar has been a wonderful experience that I have learned so much from. The lessons learned and the information gained will not only be utilized this year, but the rest of my college career and life.

2016-2017: Freshman Year

As I stepped foot on campus in late August, I had no idea what to expect from myself, my education or my university. I was anxious to see what my first year at college would hold and whether I made the right decision becoming a buckeye. Right away it was very clear to see how much Ohio State has to offer. They have every organization you can imagine, numerous events and gatherings, and just countless ways to be involved. It not only led to my excitement, but to a wonderful year.

When I received my acceptance letter, everything about Ohio State felt right. Not long after, I was granted membership into the International Affairs Scholars Program. This had me very excited, as I was already be a part of a close knit community the moment I arrived. The classes as well as the regular meetings and events have not only been fun, but have granted me with the opportunity to become more aware of world culture as well as current politics and issues all across the globe. We learned about and observed a huge array of topics, all the way from the 2016 election to the refugee crisis right here in Columbus. Throughout all this, I also gained many different perspectives from around the world about many matters, as the International Affairs Scholars Program and its members are very diverse and worldly. I am excited to see what my second year in the program will bring and the opportunities it will present.

Another aspect of my first year experience that I really enjoyed was being a member of the The College Republicans at OSU. Being a part of this organization not only allowed me embrace my political beliefs but granted me access to talk about current politics in a great atmosphere. It was a great way to be involved in something I’m passionate about and I can’t wait to further my role as the years proceed.

Standing here today, eight months later, all of my questions have been answered and my anxieties have settled. Reviewing this past year leads me to one conclusion: my freshman year at The Ohio State University has been nothing short of spectacular. I’ve had numerous opportunities to be involved in the Buckeye Community, and will continue to be granted ways to grow as a student and as a person here in Columbus. I cannot express how excited I am to see what my next three years hold, and to learn more and more about what it means to be a buckeye.



About Me


Hello, my name is Paul Stammen, I am from St. Henry, Ohio, a small-town about two hours west of Columbus. Seeing as my graduating class only had sixty-nine people in it, attending school at Ohio State is a unique experience, and I look forward to the opportunity to grow and flourish in such a large community in the next four plus years.

Growing up in a small, close-knit town does have its benefits. I was presented with many opportunities to volunteer and help around the community. Throughout high school, I was a member of the student council, played basketball, football and baseball, was part of the Spanish, Science and German Club, served at mass, and was President of the Knights of Columbus Columbian Squires, where we routinely volunteered at the local nursing home, conducted food drives, and helped maintenance church grounds. The summer before my senior year, however, I encountered a life changing event: I was presented with the opportunity to attend the Buckeye Boy State Program. During this week long camp at Bowling Green State University, 2,500 young men from around the state learned about our government through hands on seminars, various amounts of speakers, and campaigning for a “job” of your choice. After a few days of researching careers, I decided to run for my “city’s” (dorm floor) Director of Law. Once I won the election, I took over the responsibilities of writing contracts, looking over transactions and monitoring/conducting all legal transactions and cases within my city, as well as being the legal advisor for all of my city’s employees. That week was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have been a part of, and it was then and there I knew I wanted to pursue a law degree.

While I know a lawyer can make a difference in the courtroom, I tend to look at the bigger picture. For this reason, I became very interested in politics, particularly world politics; consequently, I decided to major in Political Science, hoping one day after I have established myself and my credentials to enter the political system. I believe being an International Affairs Scholar will help me become more culturally and politically rounded, present me with numerous opportunities, all while helping me become a better lawyer and in the long run, a better politician.

These next four plus years at The Ohio State University will be life changing, there are people to meet, opportunities to grasp, and new experiences to take advantage of. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and what it truly means to be a buckeye.


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The College Republicans at OSU


Here at The Ohio State University, I have been presented with numerous opportunities to be involved in my passions, whether it be through clubs, organizations or activities. As a political science major, I indulge in any chance I get to be involved in my political beliefs and aspirations. Being a part of the College Republicans at OSU has been a wonderful experience, as I have met many people and enjoyed exploring my political party and its platform.

The College Republicans at OSU has done many things for me, and will continue to help me in the future. During the meetings, I learn more about government, voting and elections at a closer level. Also, as a group we have campaigned for Senator Rob Portman by calling and visiting potential voters. Another neat project we performed was the placing of small American flags around campus to remember those who sacrificed there lives in the tragedy of 9-11.

Since Columbus is the state capital, the College Republicans at OSU also has many connections only a few minutes away. They not only help educate you on your values and beliefs, but also help guide you down a path of success with internships, job interviews and other valuable programs. I believe that this organization will not only develop my success here at The Ohio State University, but in my future as well.