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Welcome to the embroyonic webpage for SPSTM-8 / NMI-I. This international conference will take place July 27-29th at Ohio State University, Columbus OH, and is a satellite meeting of the ICN+T 2020 conference to be held in Vancouver from July 19-24th. We envision a scientific program that highlights recent SPSTM work, but also features contributions from leading experts in other nanoscale magnetic imaging techniques such as Lorentz TEM, diamond NV-center magnetometry, x-ray holography and MFM/MExFM. These techniques provide unique and complementary insights into a range of areas including quantum information systems, quantum matter, spintronics and biological systems. The program will include both experimental and theoretical developments, as well as the development of new systems and techniques.

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Prof. Jay Gupta, lead organizer and point of contact

OSU host faculty: Prof. Gunjan Agarwal, Prof. Chris Hammel, Prof. Roland Kawakami and Prof. Dave McComb

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