My First Week at OSU

My first week at Ohio State has been filled with many ups and downs. Before I arrived, I’d say I was most nervous to meet my roommate and his family, because if we didn’t get along, I knew it was going to be a long year. However, after meeting him and hitting it off, my fear of that subsided, and I got myself into the proper mindset to tack Ohio State socially and academically. It was very comforting that I didn’t struggle as much socially as I thought I would. I reached out to people I knew from home, made new friends, and tried to talk to everyone I sat around in classes. I wouldn’t say I have a very tight knit group of friends yet, but hey, it has only been one week. Hopefully over time, some of the relationships I have begun forming now grow into much deeper friendships. Academically, I can tell that I’m going to have to put a lot of work in, but I’m excited for the opportunities these tough classes will present me with. Even though it has only been a week, I can feel myself beginning to fall in love with Ohio State both as a school and as a community. Despite these overwhelmingly positive initial feelings, there have still been a fair share of downs in my first week as well.

A few days before coming to campus, I was starting to second guess my intended major, and think more about different paths I could pursue. As I got to campus and begun taking my classes, these feelings have only grown. I feel as though I’m just wandering when it comes to what my major should be, because in all honesty I have no clue. My mind changes everyday, and with that comes a great feeling of uneasiness, which has really begun taking its tole on me. This nagging feeling is really what is detracting from my initial experience at Ohio State. I love English, and that’s why I enjoy Humanities Scholars so much, I just feel as though I would be better suited to do something in a STEM field. Hopefully, with time, this will remedy itself and I can truly devote myself to honing in on one specific area of interest.

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