Summer After Your First Year: Summer Enrichment Program

The summer enrichment program is the key component of SpringForward.

“It helped me to stay on track with my courses and gave me a safety net when I strayed a little. I was always able to meet with an entire team of people and each person I met with showed concern and a level of involvement that is difficult with a campus as large as OSU.” — Summer 2020 participant

“This course helped me stay on track with summer courses and really helped me transition into a growth mindset! ” — Summer 2021 participant

SpringForward sponsors an enrichment program for rising sophomores who joined Ohio State as undergraduate students after graduating high school in 2023. The program is offered virtually to allow students to return home for the summer, work, or take on other responsibilities while still allowing them to take courses to advance in their academic career.

What is the purpose of the summer program?

The summer program helps students continue to build their academic skills and resiliency. As a result of participating in the summer enrichment program, students will:

  • Develop academic and personal skills to support their college success
  • Better understand themselves and their goals
  • Strengthen their connections to Ohio State and its resources

This program provides an opportunity for you to:

  • Receive financial aid for tuition and fees for up to 6 approved credit hours plus EXP 2100 (1 credit hour)
  • Receive a textbook stipend
  • Engage in ongoing community building and enrichment activities
  • Earn fall scholarship opportunities for students who successfully complete the summer program
  • Raise your cumulative GPA
  • Attain good academic standing with the university and your major program
  • Self-correct your SAP for financial aid (if needed)
  • Identify the major that is the right fit for you and make progress towards a degree
  • Learn additional strategies for success that you can use in college and beyond
  • Find your place at Ohio State


What do program participants do during the summer term?

  • Enroll in and successfully complete up to 6 hours of academic credit (usually 2 GE classes)
  • Participate in the SpringForward academic support course, EXP 2100
  • Meet with staff dedicated to making connections with students and guiding them in Academic Advising and Academic Coaching
  • Attend virtual social and community-building events (examples: yoga, cooking class, craft night, movie night, lunchtime social)
  • Meet at least once with your assigned Academic Advisor in your major to discuss your major progress and time-to-degree
  • Learn/review Buckeyelink policies (such as SAP) and utilize a direct connection in Buckeyelink
  • Explore major and career options and opportunities that align with students’ goals
  • Develop and practice the ten dimensions of wellness

In 2024, the program will run from June 3 – July 26 (8 week Session 2). Students connected with the SpringForward program virtually through Zoom and Carmen. Students were expected to meet virtually a set number of times with the SpringForward staff. Students also met virtually with each other via Zoom through weekly break-out sessions and optional social activities.

What topics are covered in the summer program?

Here are examples of topics covered in the summer curriculum (EXP 2100):

  • Growth mindset
  • Finding your academic passion
  • Being open to change and uncertainty
  • Preparing for your major (and/or changing your major)
  • 10 dimensions of wellness and taking care of yourself
  • Finding your place at Ohio State and developing a sense of belonging
  • Understanding and navigating your finances and financial aid


Watch Summer 2020 participant Carter Krannitz share his experience in the summer program.



What are the incentives for participating in the program?

  • For Ohio residents, SpringForward provides: payment of tuition and fees for up to 6 credit hours of GEs and for our enrichment course, EXP 2100; a book stipend; academic coaching; supplemental programming; and community-building activities. Post-pandemic, we hope to offer this program in-person, in which case we would also cover on-campus housing and a meal stipend.
  • If you are not an Ohio resident, you may still apply to participate in the program, but you will be responsible for covering the cost of the out-of-state surcharge on your own.
  • Students must have graduated from high school in 2023 to be eligible for the program. Click for more info on program eligibility.

What do students say about participating in the summer enrichment program?

“I really loved the inviting environment provided by the instructors and would definitely recommend this program to anyone struggling in their first year at OSU.”

“I think that the summer enrichment program helped me get some a-ha moments that I was working toward throughout my freshman year. Without this program and the support I gained, it is likely that I would still be struggling at Ohio State.”

“I believe this [program] really serves students and helps empower them forward. I felt there was a lot of opportunity to grow academically.”

“I am glad I participated in this program both for my grade and for my mental health.”

“I felt like every lecture gave me new knowledge and a new way to approach different aspects of my life.”


Facts and Figures

96% of summer 2022 participants strongly or somewhat agreed that the summer program helped them improve as a student

97% of summer 2022 participants strongly or somewhat agreed that they would recommend SpringForward to others

97% of summer 2022 participants strongly or somewhat agreed that thy are glad they participated in the program

82% of summer 2022 participants strongly or somewhat agreed that they felt more connected to OSU after the program