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Who leads SpringForward?

The SpringForward team is made up of 3 full-time staff:


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Anne Grunden, M.S.Ed.
Advising Specialist

Amanda Donahue, M.A.
Program Manager

Paul Gregor, M.A.
Academic Coach

Hometowns: both Lincoln, Rhode Island and Westerville, Ohio
Started working at Ohio State: 2017
Hometown: New Philadelphia, Ohio (home of the fighting Quakers)
Started working at Ohio State: 2012
Hometown: Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio (AKA: T-Town, Glass City)
Started working at Ohio State: 2020
What Anne loves about working with students: My favorite thing about working with students is finding out what they are passionate about, and helping them make a plan for how to turn that passion into a part of their college experience. Whether it be through major exploration, course selection, student organizations, or getting involved with the community, I find it incredibly rewarding to get students connected with what ignites their fire – even if I don’t know anything about it! Learning alongside my students has made me into a better higher education professional and advisor. What Amanda loves about working with students: I love hearing students’ stories; I can hear what students are excited or nervous about. Listening to students and hearing their diverse experiences helps to make me better as a person and as a professional. Each story helps to guide me in my work and continue moving forward to make SpringForward a suitable experience for each student.


What Paul loves about working with students: I love the connections I make with students. It is very gratifying to have students “want” to come back and speak with me. I consider it an honor that students choose to share their stories and struggles with me and I take this honor very seriously. I know how difficult it can be for a student to share their vulnerabilities and concerns with a person and the fact that I can play a part in the story of their success is a privilege.
Favorite Ohio State memory/tradition: My favorite Ohio State tradition is Convocation. The energy in the first week of Autumn semester is palpable, and I love seeing how excited the first-year students are to get started on their journey as Buckeyes. Having all of the first-year students sitting in one lecture hall in a powerful moment, since it doesn’t happen again until graduation. Favorite Ohio State memory/tradition: Going to New Orleans to watch Ohio State play in a bowl game versus Arkansas. The city was filled with Ohio State fans everywhere and the comradery that weekend was incredible.



Favorite Ohio State memory/tradition: I have both a favorite memory and tradition. My favorite memory of Ohio State was as a child, visiting the campus. We were visiting my cousin who was an undergraduate at the time and I was absolutely amazed at the size and vibrancy of the college. My favorite tradition at Ohio State is the crossing out of the M’s during the TTUN week for football.
Something Anne wishes she had done in college: I wish I had sought out the resources and support staff that were available to me on campus. I was always a “high achieving student” and prided myself on being independent. However, this made it hard for me to admit when I needed help. I just thought I would figure out my problems on my own. If I had swallowed my pride and asked for help from the people who were there to support students, I probably would have spent less time being stressed about what I was doing in college!




Something Amanda wishes she had done in college: I wish I would have studied abroad. I think college is a chance to try new things and push your comfort zone. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, but I didn’t think as an English major studying abroad made any sense. Had I taken the time to talk to someone about it, I would have known that wasn’t the case and could have pursued the opportunity. Something Paul wishes he had done in college: I wish I would have enjoyed myself more as an actual college student. I enjoyed all of the non-academic aspects of being a college student, such as joining groups, going to parties and athletic events, but it wasn’t until I returned to college as an older adult that I realized how much I actually loved learning and growing as a student. It is important to remember that learning is a lifelong process that does not or should not end once we leave the classroom.

SpringForward also has a steering committee composed of staff and administrators from several areas of campus.


What if I have more questions?

We love questions! Send your questions to: We are happy to help you learn more about the program and see if it is the right fit for you!


Contact information:
SpringForward at Ohio State University
Student Academic Services Building
281 W. Lane Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
614 292 5970