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SpringForward provides academic, social, and financial support for first-year students who are searching for greater success in their Ohio State experience. SpringForward works with students to help them find their best path to collegiate success.

If you are a first-year Ohio State student and…

  • You are struggling to adjust academically to college
  • Your confidence is taking a hit this year
  • You’re not sure how to study or manage your time
  • You want to regroup and reconsider your academic options
  • You want to learn from, and with, other students who feel the same way as you

SpringForward is for you!

“SpringForward completely changed my life. That is not an overstatement. I was completely rattled and lost after my first year; I had no idea what I wanted to do anymore nor what I could even do given my grades. SpringForward gave me a boost and lessons to help me move forward stronger and with the ability to accept that college is not linear.”- SpringForward 2023 participant

“I didn’t really know how to do college, and this program, I felt, grounded me.” -SpringForward 2023 participant

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APPLY NOW! The SpringForward application can be found by logging in to Scholarship Universe and searching for “SpringForward”.

Interested in taking ESEPSY 2059? See the video below for an overview of the course. Session 2 options available for Spring 2024!


“What I appreciated most was learning new effective ways to get my work done” — Autumn 2022 ESEPSY 2059 enrollee

“I really appreciated the emphasis on discussion in class. It helped me feel a lot less alone and realize that others around me have very similar academic experiences, problems with habits or keeping up with studying/homework, etc.” -Autumn 2022 ESEPSY 2059 enrollee


SpringForward is part of Transition and Academic Growth in Undergraduate Education

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