Completed Studies

Studies completed in the lab:


Examining the Influence of Dietary Factors on TCR, Joe Scire, Spring 2022


BMI and Body Composition in Division I Athletes, Bella Simpson, Spring 2021



Collegiate Athlete Runner Study CARS: A Longitudinal Analysis of Dietary Intake in Comparison with Dietary Recommendations for Athletes, Ashley Hinderer, Spring 2020

Collegiate Athlete Runner Study CARS: Caitlyn Tulloss Garner, Spring 2020


Body Composition Methods (Comparison of various BIA Body Composition Techniques with iDXA), Kaila Olson, Spring 2019

Prevalence of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) in Young Adult Female Distance Runners, Sakiko Minagawa, Spring 2019

Fertility and bone mass in prior female athletes with a history of amenorrhea, Megan Stanley, Spring 2019

Male runners: The relationship of visceral adipose tissue to hormonal levels and dietary factors in male endurance runners, Adam Rodrigues, Spring 2019

Sport Participation History Among Young Females Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,  Caroline Fruhling, Spring 2019


Dietary Supplements in Athletes, Megan Stiff, Spring 2018

Body Composition and Nutrition Trends in Club Triathlon Members, Elizabeth Appleton, Spring 2018

A Cross-Sectional Study of Body Image Attitudes in Male Collegiate Club Athletes, Stacey Potter, Spring 2018


Body Composition, Dietary Habits, and Rowing Performance of Male Collegiate Club Rowers, Seb Zorn, Spring 2017

An Observational Study of Contextual Body Image in NCAA Division 1 Female Athletes, Emily Danckers, Spring 2017

Types of Carbohydrate and Health Risk Factor Associations in Female Runners, Kali Gallaher, Spring 2017

PCOS Case study, Matt Celik


Macro App, Dylan Bair, Spring 2016

Cooking Video series, Stephanie Miezen, Spring 2016

Describing the Components of the Female Athlete Triad and Resting Metabolic Rate in a Cohort of Middle-Upper Class Adolescent Female Athletes: A Cross-Sectional Study, Kelsey Conrad, Spring 2016

The Relationship Between Eating Attitudes and Body Composition in Dietetic Students, Jackie Geitz, Spring 2016


Follow up to Recreational Female Runner Study: Further Analysis of Diet and Energy Availability, Hannah Oakley Spring 2015

Interrelationship of Diet, Visceral Adipose Tissue and Cortisol in Pre-menopausal Female Runners, Jordan Jennewine, Spring 2015


Comparison of Energy Availability and Body Image between Female and Male Runners Katie Smith, Spring 2014

Bone mineral density at the distal radius in female collegiate ice hockey athletes, Rebecca Allis, Honors Thesis, Spring 2014

Nutritional Performance Factors in Collegiate Female Swimmers, Alex Norris, Honors Thesis, Spring 2014


Body Image and Body Composition of Female Triathletes, Cassandra Sharp, Honors Thesis, May 2013

Male Endurance Athlete Tetrad, J Scott, Co-Advise with KWolf, Aug 2012.

Body Fatness, Body Image, and Resting Metabolic Rate in Lean and Non-Lean Collegiate
Female Athletes, Alexandra Schueler,  June 2012.

Bone Density as a Source of Error Measuring Body Composition with the BodPod and iDXA in Female Runners, Raymond Lombardi,  Jan 2012.


Urine Refractometry to Gauge Hydration Status in Recreational Female Runners, Chelsea Britton,  June 2011.


Inter-device reliability of the BodPod for Clinical and Research Use, M Rita Gillan,2010.


Female Athlete Triad in Recreational Endurance Runners, Rachel Webb,  2009

Body Composition, Resting Metabolic Rate and Dietary Habits of Lean and Non-lean Female Athletes, Sarah Watson,  2009.

Evaluation of the relationship of Dairy and Meat consumption (as CLA content) with resting metabolic rate, Kelly Krill,  June 2008

Dietary Choice Associated with the Metabolic Syndrome in NCAA Football Linemen, Jessica Perry,  June 2008.


Risk of Connective Tissue Injury in Dysmenorrheic vs. Eumenorrheic Collegiate Athletes: A Case-Control Study, Julie Javorek,  June 2007.


Food Habits and Behaviors, Metabolic Rate and Body Composition in College Females Ages 18-26, Tonya Orchard,  June 2006. (Appendices separate)


Peer-reviewed pubs from Lab:

National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement:  Evaluation of Dietary Supplements for Performance Nutrition. Journal of Athletic Training 2013;48(1):124-136. Jackie L Buell, Rob Franks, Jack Ransone, Michael E. Powers, Kathleen M. Laquale, Amanda Carlson-Phillips.

Presence of Metabolic Syndrome in Football Linemen. Journal of Athletic Training 2008;43(6):608–616.  JL Buell, DCalland, FHanks, BJohnston, BPester, RSweeney, RThorne.