Clinical Services

Sports Nutrition experts are glad to help you meet your training goals.  Our nutritional counseling is provided by registered and licensed dietitians. Our consultation rate is 75$ per hour and can include additional 15 minute blocks of time according to your needs. Your Nutrition Consult can also be submitted to your insurance if you are sure it is covered. To schedule a nutrition consultation, please call (614)293-3600 to get on the clinical schedule.

An individual appointment is usually an hour long and we cover your health and medicine history, your exercise and current eating habits, and your goals.  We typically design an eating plan using the exchange planning system and provide you with a guide book to translate that plan to food.  Most of our counseling follows mainstream principles of balance, variety and moderation with the belief that getting foods distributed throughout the day and getting portion size under control will help most people attain better health. We are open to considering less mainstream methods such as high protein for weight loss and fat adaptation for serious endurance runners.

We also have some nice equipment in the lab and the tests are available to you.  Click on the smaller pictures to learn more about each of these tests as a clinical service.


picture of iDXA machineThe iDXA (sometimes called DEXA) is a low level x-ray device that will define bone mass as well as body composition. You can see the ratio of lean mass in your left arm vs right arm, and left leg vs right leg.  The machine shows you the ratio of fat in your waist region vs your hips which we can use in thinking about better health. This test is typically very expensive but we would like folks to access it for their better health using the body composition features. Our clinical cost is $50 per test.  You will need a physician prescription to have the test and can schedule by calling (614)293-3600.

Resting Metabolic Rate

The lab uses the ReeVue indirect calorimeter as marketed by Korr Company to estimate your resting metabolic rate.  We will only perform this test early morning to get as close to resting as we can.  This test entails resting for 10-15 minutes, then breathing through a tube for about 10-15 minutes.  The technology measures the oxygen you consume to predict the calories you are burning.  The cost of this test to the general public is $25.

3 thoughts on “Clinical Services

  1. Hello,

    I would like to schedule an iDXA scan and RMR test. Are you offering these services currently, for full vaccinated clients?

    Thank you

  2. Alex, we sure are. Please call (614)293-3600 and get an hour with Jackie Buell, these are both out-of-pocket expenses. As well, you will need a prescription from a physician for the iDXA (low dose of radiation), it can say something like, “IDXA for body composition”.

  3. i’m really interested in knowing my own resting metabolic rate. Would it be possible to just set up an appointment to have that tested via IC? Just curious

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