Scarlet & Grit

Introducing the resilience training program for OSU varsity student-athletes: SCARLET & GRIT!

Psychologist Angela Duckworth defines GRIT as “passion and perseverance to pursue your long-term goals.” Grit is more important than talent in predicting success.

How gritty are you? Take this brief grit self-assessment.

According to the NCAA, mental health is the #1 sports medicine issue affecting student-athletes. When demands exceed coping resources, we experience stress. Varsity student-athletes often feel mega-stressed! So what can we do about it?

Scarlet & Grit is a four-year program designed to promote resilience through connecting with peers, normalizing common concerns, developing coping resources, and planning strategies for future obstacles.

Once a year, student-athletes attend small groups sorted by class and facilitated by sport psychologists and peer educators.

Here’s the schedule for Fall Semester 2017. We meet at Younkin 300 from 6:00-7:00 pm. Dr. Steve Graef leads sessions for the sophomores, Dr. Jen Carter leads sessions for the juniors, and Dr. Jamey Houle leads sessions for the seniors.

Schedule an appointment with sport psychologists by calling 614-293-3600. Sessions for student-athletes are no-charge and confidential.

Tuesdays 6-7 9.12.17 9.19.17 9.26.17 10.3.17 10.17.17 10.31.17 11.7.17 11.14.17
Wed  6-7 9.13.17 9.20.17 9.27.17 10.18.17 10.25.17 11.1.17 11.8.17 11.15.17
Thursdays 6-7 9.14.17 9.21.17 9.28.17 10.5.17 10.19.17 11.2.17 11.9.17 11.16.17

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