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Physical Education

Locally, salaries typically start at $35000+ and can go up to $114,150 per year. Becoming a physical education teacher is typically a state job with security and tenure. The job comes with good health and retirement benefits, as well as a great schedule. As a teacher gains experience, they may advance to department administration positions such as athletic directors,physical education directors, principals and curriculum leaders.


  Physical Activity and Coaching Specialist  

Simply Hired reports that activity specialists earn an average of $34,836 to $69,341 per year. The job comes with good health and retirement benefits. Career prospects lead to management positions such as Parks and Recreation Director where the salary ranges from an average of $56,000 to $98,000.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor*

Job outlook Increasing numbers of federal, state, and local campaigns are being established to encourage physical activity.*

Hiring prospects– Physical Education teachers have a projected 14% increase in employment through 2022*

Work environment – Most PACS graduates work in coaching, recreation centers, camps, parks, resorts, cruise ships, adventure programs, and the like.* 



The PESPA (Physical Education, Sports, and Physical Activity) program at The Ohio State University helps students to pursue careers in anything from personal training to physical education. We prepare students to coach, teach physical education, physical activity, and recreation to children and members of the community. Our major offers specializations that allow participants to select a path tailored to their unique career goals, and provides an abundance of opportunities to succeed. The knowledge and skills individuals take away from this program can be used for jobs in recreation and teaching as well as sports and athletic administration.

There is also a master’s route for graduate education in coaching with PESPA. For more information, visit the Master of Sports Coaching website.