Main Laboratory

Panorama of main laboratory

The main laboratory occupies 1,000 sq ft and contains two 10’ x 11’ IAC double-walled sound booths.  It was constructed to the PI’s specifications and contains all equipment necessary for comprehensive audiological and scientific testing.

Photos during remodeling


The Ohio Supercomputer Center

The laboratory is equipped with high-powered desktop PCs and workstations with GPUs containing as many as 5,100 CUDA cores capable of up to 12 teraflops. The Ohio Supercomputer Center (https://www.osc.edu/services/cluster_computing), in an adjacent building, houses three clusters totaling 38,000 CPU cores with 12 Exabytes of RAM capable of up to 1,750 teraflops, as well as GPU compute nodes totaling nearly 1 million CUDA cores.

Anechoic Chamber

Located immediately adjacent to the laboratory is the anechoic chamber. It is fully anechoic (mesh floor) and measures 15 x 10 x 13’ (interior LxWxH).