Module 7

With this being the last chapter, I feel bad that this is the article that I am writing. There are many useful tips in this module. But I believe that making connections with fellow students is a important factor in college because going to the professor for help isn’t always the most helpful way. Something that I also found really intersting is that the enviornment plays a role in your motivation, motivation is social, online and also physical.

Something that I learned from this module is managing stress. I few different tips that I got from lesson seven is regular exercise, enough sleep, breaking old habitis and making time to enjoy some  fun time with friends. One habit that alot of college students including myself is caffeine, over using caffeine in college is very college. I think that it is so commoe because many students need the caffiene for different reasons like staying up all night to finish an exam or wake their self up early to go to work or class. Making time to hang with friends is very important because college can be depressing and really stressful when  you feel like you don’t have anyone. Enough sleep could do alot for you but if you are having a hard time falling asleep there are many helpful tips to get you on a nighttime routine.

Module 6

Hello everyone,

I believe that the most important topic in this module would be knowing how to tell apart searching and researching. I know that every college students have a big problem with both of these things. Researching is going to be no right or wrong answers but searching is going to be the looking for a right or wrong answer. Something that I will be using in the future will be boolean logic; I have never heard of this resource. But one resource that I have been using since high school has been google scholar. My teacher was really tired of everyone using google and not showing where the information came from or if it is valid. I sometimes have a problem with making sure that all of my information is making sure that everything is correct. On slide 14 in module 6 I will start asking myself these questions or even just taking a litte extra time to look over all of the information. Some advice that I would give students would be to not go straight to google when it’s time to start writing a paper. Before you go to google I would say have an topic in mind and also have a valid book in front of you.

Module 5

The most important thing that I would say that I learned from this module would be going to class is actually useful. When I say that I know many people are like thats a dead give away but it isnt’t. When an instructor tells you that class isn’t required or it doesn’t count against your grade it makes it easier to skip the class. The professor never tells you that they will give important information or tips to study on the exam because they don’t see a point of informing you because you should attend every class without being told to do so. I do agree that typing the notes are helps lessful when it comes to study over writing the notes out of using the ipad pro. When typing its hard to get all the information down because you can’t get every word that the instructor is saying. But when you are writing off the notes or using the ipad pro it is easy because you can add little symbols or half words and fix it later when you are reviewing your notes. I tend to do that alot when I use the IPad Pro, I just try to get down all the information that the professor is saying no matter if its in order or not because when I got back to review the notes and rewrite them, while looking at the powerpoint as well I can just put things in where they make the most sense.

Module 4

Modules 2