Resume (As of Spring 2020)


Career Goals 

As I progress through college and get exposure to different classes and opportunities within different areas of industry, my career goals are constantly changing. Currently, I hope to continue to get diversified experience through various co-ops. I co-oped the Summer of 2019 at BSI Engineering in Cincinnati, Ohio. I worked in Project Management where my primary role was serving as a Project Manager II for a $1.2 million project. I assisted with forecasting and budget management for other smaller projects as well. I enjoyed this role as I was just starting my college career and being able to have visibility to the entirety of projects (documenting meetings with subject matter experts) from what the mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc. engineers were working helped me to learn more about different engineering professions. It grew my leadership skills as well. Good communication and time management is vital in Project Management where you have to make sure the team understands deadlines, documentation procedures, and act as both a client representative and company representative.

During the Spring 2020 term, I co-oped at Ethicon Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Through this co-op I was able to get experience at a large company – it was very different from working at BSI Engineering (which I really enjoyed!). The co-op program at Ethicon was long-standing which provided resources such as co-op committees, volunteer opportunities, and networking. I was on the technical co-op committee where we scheduled technical classes such as Minitab, SolidWorks, 3D-printing, etc. for co-ops to attend and learn from full-time employees to improve our skills for the job. I was not only able to network with individuals from Ethicon, but also throughout the Johnson & Johnson company. In the future, I would love to have a co-op term at Janssen as I am greatly interested in the pharmaceutical side of healthcare. Much of my co-op involved testing – using Ethicon devices for data collection and following up with analysis. I loved my time here as there was a huge network of not only other co-ops to grow and develop with but also a large support network of employees that want to see you succeed.

Service Reflection – 2019 

I have been able to help with Biological Science Scholars outings such as visiting the Wesley Glen Retirement Community (my favorite was the Halloween night where residents and their families went trick-or-treating throughout the building. Seeing all of their fun costumes while serving as guides, set-up, and clean-up crew was a great way to give back to the community.

I have volunteered at the Cincinnati Nature Center since I moved to Cincinnati in middle school. I’ve continued my service there through holiday decoration and volunteering at events for donors such as the Pancake Breakfast held at the Krippendorf Lodge every year.

Service Reflection – 2020 

I co-oped at Ethicon Inc. during the Spring 2020 term. In addition to working, I had the opportunity to partake in many volunteer events. Ethicon highly encourages their employees to serve within the community. I volunteered at Matthew 25: Ministries where other co-ops and I sorted clothing donations. It was an excellent way to spend time with my peers outside of work. Ethicon also partners with Adopt a Class Foundation to introduce young students in the Cincinnati area to STEM-career opportunities. I helped with the packaging department where we developed lesson plans regarding medical device packaging to teach the visiting school. We were also able to have them participate in an egg drop experiment (they designed their own packages!). I learned a great amount about packaging from my fellow co-ops in packaging.

Another event that I helped to plan was held as an after-school virtual career/college panel to students at Loveland High School. I am a Loveland alum so I was excited to coordinate with my high school chemistry teacher. Us Ethicon employees who were on the panel planned background about Johnson & Johnson to share, background about our schools, majors, and work we did at the company. The high school students were able to learn about what engineering curriculum entails and possible routes to pursue in college. My favorite part of this event was giving out advice that I would’ve loved to hear when I was in high school.