I chose to participate in a two-year biotechnology course run through Cincinnati State. course A majority of my senior year of high school was spent working on my biotech capstone. The project was Nanotransfection in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeĀ which focused on drug delivery in a cancerous cell. The yeast served as the “tumor cell” and the solid lipid nanoparticles were the drug carriers of the “drug”, which was a plasmid for a green fluorescent protein. Once the plamid was conjugated to the nanoparticles, the uptake of the drug carrier was able to be visualized by the green fluorescence from the yeast, showing that the “drug” had entered the system.









A Biological Science Scholars event that I have taken part in since the beginning of the year is the study sessions that happen each month. These events allow me to study with friends and get a different viewpoint of the topics we study in class. I have been able to meet new friends in my dorm and other students that are in BioSci. The last one I went to was on October 15th which allowed me to study for my chemistry midterm that happened the next day.

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