Scholars Tailgate

On September 23, 2017, I went to the Biological Science Scholars and Stem Scholars pancake breakfast tailgate. It was a warm Saturday morning and the gathering was held at the Raney House on North Campus. Because it was right before the UNLV game, everyone was really excited and dressed up for the big event.

One of the more unique attractions at the tailgate was “Chris Cakes,” a company who makes great tasting pancakes right in front of you. People wait in a line about five feet away the cart, and they toss you a fresh and hot pancake with their spatula. You need to catch the pancake from the air with your plate (picture). In the beginning, I actually dropped a pancake, but by the end I was a pro. Authentic orange juice, coffee, and lemonade were provided. I played corn-hole and there was a raffle there as well!

From this experience, I gained a huge sense of community within the Scholars Program. I played corn-hole with people who live on my floor, but whom I never associated with. Now we are great friends and I always make sure to stop by their dorm to say hello. The Scholars event was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the free breakfast!

Year in Review

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Global Awareness: As a declared Hebrew minor, I am learning about my own Judaic background as well as the unique cultures and diversity that exists in Israel today. I also plan on taking Arabic courses and interning abroad over the Summer.

Original Inquiry: Getting involved in research is a high priority of mine. During first semester, I took a class called Research and Career Opportunities in the Life Sciences, where I learned about the vast research opportunities at Ohio State. I also plan to get involved and choreograph a dance for my BuckeyeThon Team, a dance marathon fundraiser for childhood cancer at Ohio State.

Academic Enrichment: As a biology major, I will be taking many rigorous preparatory medicine classes. I addition to science related coursework, which I will need for a future career in medicine, I chose to minor in Hebrew because it is a humanities. Being able to relate and communicate with people is equally as important with medical knowledge.

Leadership Development: I joined BuckiPac, which is a student organization that works to educate and inform student and congressional leaders about the importance of the U.S.- Israel relationship. I am also working alongside the Undergraduate Student Government to bring kosher food to on campus dining locations to improve the dining experience of kosher observant students and faculty.

Service Engagement: I am currently a weekly volunteer at The Wexner Medical Center working in the Endoscopy unit. I also volunteer monthly with Biological Science Scholars and plan to keep on giving back to the community throughout my college career and throughout my life.


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Steps For Sarcoma

On a bright and sunny September 17, 2017, Connor Gregory and I volunteered for Steps For Sarcoma, which was the biggest 5K for Sarcoma in the country. This was my first volunteering event with Biological Science Scholars.

We were both stationed on a different part of the course. Our job was to cheer on the runners and walkers when they past us. The most amazing “artifact” about this experience was how the participants thanked us as we were cheering them on. At these moments, I truly felt like a part of the Columbus community.

Many participants were wearing homemade shirts and I saw that they were from all parts of Ohio. It was amazing to see that they traveled fear and near to come to this event. Some participants were wearing a “survivor shirt” to tell everyone that they or a family member or friend was a survivor of Sarcoma. Supporting cancer survivors is very important to me because I have Grandparents who have either had cancer or who have lost their lives to cancer.  My mom is a cancer survivor as well.

Although what we did that day was small, it made a huge impact on the participants and helped the Steps For Sarcoma 5K Planners and event coordinators. I chose this picture as my “artifact” because it captures how happy Connor and me were to be involved with Biological Science Scholars, Steps For Sarcoma, and the greater Columbus and Ohio Community. Plus, we got to meet Brutus Buckeye for the first time!

About Me

Hello, I am Jack Spero from Beachwood, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. I am in the Biological Science Scholars Program and I am very excited for this upcoming year!

Because my name bears a resemblance to “Jack Sparrow” from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, many friends have called me “Captain Jack.”  So I won’t feel uncomfortable if you called me that once in a while!

I am currently majoring in biology pre-medicine because one day I would like to become a pediatrician to make sure children are living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Children are our future and I believe one of the greatest ways we can positively change our society is by investing in our children today.

Over the past three summers, I was a Water Safety Instructor and lifeguard at Beachwood Family Aquatic Center and I love teaching children how to swim and be safe in the water.

I also love the sciences, especially biology, and I am enthused to start learning and experiencing education at the collegiate level.

Just as I want children to live a healthy lifestyle, I myself try to live one as well. In High School, I was Captain of the Varsity Boys Cross Country team and I am still an avid runner today. My goal is to run marathons, especially the Boston Marathon!

In addition to enjoying running, I also like music and dance. I was a dancer for eight years and even went to New York City to perform two times and take classes at Broadway Dance Center and Alvin Ailey. I was a percussionist and section leader in my high school’s concert band, jazz band, and drumline as well. I was also director of my high school’s Variety Show and choreographed a dance and played drum cadences in it.

In high school, I was President of a Bnai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO) Chapter, which is a youth group for young Jewish men and women.  My involvement provided an opportunity to learn more about my Jewish heritage, connect with people from all across the country and learn how to lead an organization.

All in all, I am very proud to be a buckeye at The Ohio State University. I look forward to give back to the community and gain experience through classes, volunteering, research, and extracurriculars. Go Bucks!