Stephanie Reeves

I completed a BA in psychology from the University of Colorado in 2010, and an MA in psychology from the University of Texas in 2015. I am broadly interested in stigma and intergroup relations.  In particular, I am interested in how cues in the environment, such as subtle behaviors of majority group members or the structures or policies of an organization, can shape outcomes for members of stigmatized groups.  For instance, in one line of research, I am investigating how bureaucratic hassles in the transition to college can trigger social identity threat for first-generation college students, undermining their sense of belonging and achievement in college.  In a second line of research, I examine when and why empathy interventions designed to improve intergroup relations might backfire. I am also a member of the College Transition Collaborative, an organization devoted to developing and testing social-psychological interventions to reduce achievement gaps in higher education.

Email: reeves.287[at]