Dr. Jane Klinger

Hello, I’m a post-doctoral fellow primarily interested in self-regulation and motivation. My main line, in collaboration with Steve Spencer and Abby Scholer, investigates the consequences of using imperfect indicators of our broader values, e.g., weight or number of Fitbit steps as indicators of health, standardized tests as an indicator of good teaching. Although indicators can provide useful feedback and facilitate self-regulation, I’m particularly interested in cases where we become narrowly focused on indicators as goals of their own and in the outcomes for our sense of authenticity, meaning, and—in the context of teaching—burnout. Another main line, with Abby Scholer, Dan Molden, and Ming Hui Chin, investigates the role of values, beliefs, and experiences of effort in self-control. Outside of school, I like making and sharing food, music, and ideas with other people!

Email: klinger.66[at]osu.edu