TradeMark reflection

What did you learn from TradeMark Gunderson’s presentation about Copyright/Copyleft that may help you in our class or in your other academic pursuits? Did he challenge your thinking? Did he offer you advice you will use?

I feel that what Gunderson talked about will be helpful in my education in particular, where I may need to use images and media found online to complete assignments having to do with making example lesson plans. I know already how to search for images that are available for use with or without editing, and for commercial use for personal use, on Google. It is helpful to know from Gunderson’s presentation that I as a student in a teacher role as well in my career post-graduation will be able to make copies of papers for assignments, i.e. worksheets from a resource book, legally in order to distribute them, under usage laws that have to do with the purposes of the copying being for education. It is good to be aware of the nuance with copyright laws.

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