Welcome to the Spark Lab

spark is defined as small fiery particle of burning substance thrown out by a body in combustion. In some cases the spark starts another fire nearby. Spark is also defined as anything that activates or stimulates; inspiration or catalyst (www.dictionary.com). 

The goal of the Hardin County Ohio Spark Lab is to instill that inspiration or “spark” that youth and adults need to discover, learn, and grow in a creative environment. This setting is more than just a futuristic classroom or makerspace. It is center of innovation in a rural county framed through the education lens of a land grant university system.

The Spark Lab is located in Hardin County, Kenton, Ohio.   This project was funded in part by an Innovation grant from eXtension foundation.  We were one of nine grants awarded nationally focused on new ideas within Extension.  We have also received funding from the Columbus Foundation.  Locally the space is provided to us by the Hardin County Commissioners.

Explore with us as this space develops.


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