Stefan_Spanu resume

I am still not entirely sure which industry of business I desire to work in upon graduation in two years, but I am confident that through my various involvements and experiences during my time at Ohio State that I will figure it out. This summer, as I will serve as a Financial Representative intern at Northwestern Mutual, I will be exposed to the financial services industry. This is an industry that I am currently interested in and excited to learn more about. My experience this summer should aid in my gaining a more comprehensive understanding of what this industry entails.

Having been accepted in the Consulting Industry Cluster program for next year, I will be able to learn consulting specific materials, interact with consultants form top firms across the country, and work with/for one of said firms. This will help an immense amount, for these experiences will provide me with an insightful exposure into the consulting industry. Having held a Consultant Intern position with Asher & Abram LLC. last summer (summer for 2015), I am quite excited about this industry. My experience from last summer has given me an amazing introductory peak into this realm of business, and I am very interested to seed how the Consulting Industry Cluster will build onto my current understanding and liking of the consulting industry.

Year In Review

Al in all, this year has had an enormous impact and learning curve for me in several aspects. Most influential, however, has been the progress I’ve made professionally. My involvements and executive roles, the leadership summits and conferences I’ve attended, my acceptance in select programs, and my upcoming internship this summer all play vital roles in the culmination of exposures, experiences, and opportunities that highly contribute to my [business] professional growth.

My role on the Events Subcommittee for the International Affairs Scholars Leadership Council has aided me in my general programming and communicative skills, as well as introduced me to the dynamic of event planning. My position as the Vice President of Marketing for Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations has helped me understand the importance of working efficiently as an Executive Board in a realistic business-like context. Additionally, I have been introduced to numerous dynamics of general marketing, for the utilization of online resources to create flyers to the efficient usage of social media to increase the brand name and recognition of our organization. All of these exposures and skills are monumental, for I will be able to utilize these skills moving forward, as soon as this summer as I begin my summer internship with Northwestern Mutual as a Financial Representative.

This internship will introduce me to the financial services industry, an area of business that I am considering amongst several others for my career after I graduate from undergraduate college. In addition to that, this internship will test my sales, communicative and persuasion skills. In concept, I will have to work hard and strategically utilize my network to create my own clientele. I wouldn’t have been able to have secured this internship if it wasn’t for my exposures and experiences throughout the academic year that have aided me in the development of these skills.

From my rigorous course schedule due to the competitive nature of the Fisher School of Business, to the roles and positions I’ve held within my various involvements, I have grown a tremendous amount this year, professionally speaking. I look forward to continuing this growth throughout the remainder of my time at Ohio State.

G.O.A.L.S. – Service Engagement

Service is just an important component to one’s priorities as anything else, I believe. To give back to the communities that have given so much to you such be expected of everyone. My time thus far at Ohio State has helped me in realizing the personal and civic importance of service and giving back.

I am an active member of Inspire OSU. Inspire OSU strives to expand the importance of community service across Ohio State. We facilitate events with organizations of all types, we educate others on ways that they can contribute to a cause or service that they have become passionate about, and we foster and environment in which our members can further develop their leadership, service, and professional skills. By serving as member of this service organization, it has instilled in me an aspect of personal responsibility to attend our weekly meetings and do service work on a routinely basis.

Additionally, being a Brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon has exposed me to several service opportunities. During the Autumn semester, our fraternity puts on our signature service event, The Very Sharey Food Drive. This annual event is the largest canned food drive of any undergraduate organization on campus. We spend the weeks prior to the event day distributing flyers and marketing to the neighbouring communities about our food drive, with the hopes that when the event day comes and we go out in personal to collect non-perishable items, people and businesses will have something to donate. In addition to Very Sharey Food Drive, I have found the time to go to the Ronald McDonald house AU15 semester and this semester to bake cookies for the children there.

These service opportunities and involvements have made me truly realize the significance of giving back to those less-fortunate and who have given us so much to get to where we are today. Service is now a routinely dynamic of my schedule, and I am glad this is the cause, as I strive to better myself and my communities through my giving back.

G.O.A.L.S. – Leadership Development

I strive to be a leader. Before college, serving as captain of my high school soccer team as well as being part of a state championship premier club soccer team, I had been exposed to the foundations of leadership in a more athletic context.

Now in college, I have become exposed to leadership in various forms, primarily by placing myself in positions of vulnerability, but great growth. At this point in time, I have held a committee position under the Member Development committee of my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and I currently am on the executive boards of two of my main involvements: International Affairs Scholars and Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO).

Serving on the Events Subcommittee on International Affair Scholars Leadership Council, I have cultivated my programming and organisational skills, two highly business-applicable skills. I have had to interact with various students, faculty, and professionals to plan events, in addition to work with my two other Events Co-Chairs and the Leadership Council as a whole.

I am the current Vice President of Marketing for SCNO. Amongst many other lessons and exposures, serving this position has taught me the vital importance of an executive board as a whole, before any individual positions. It is crucial to be able to successfully work and collaborate with one’s colleagues, for this is how true work gets accomplished. In addition, my VP of Marketing position has introduced me to the importance of personal responsibility, for the successful operations of the entire organization has to do with the individual work each executive board member does.

All of these involvements and positions of mine have greatly contributed to my overall professional and leadership development. I will continue to be an active member of these organizations and more, with the hope of many a real difference by making a lastful impact, and this is particularly achieved by holding top-tier positions and putting my best work forth, for this will contribute to my leadership style growth that will in turn aid me with my future business career endeavors.




G.O.A.L.S. – Academic Enrichment

I have always been one to aim for academic success, amongst other forms. For me, this goes beyond grades; this includes the challenging courses I take, the programs that I am a part of, and the academic organizations that I join and actively participate in. The Max M. Fisher College of Business is an internationally recognized, domestically ranked highly competitive business school. Just being accepted in Fisher is a feat in itself.

Aside from the difficult and stimulating courses that come with being a business student, there are many other exposures and experiences that add to my academic enrichment. For instance, just recently I have been accepting into the Consulting Industry Cluster for next year. The Industry Clusters are designed as an MBA-like experience for undergraduates who are highly motivated to jump start their career and want to understand the marketplace in which they will do business in the future. The overall objectives of this two part course series in the Consulting Industry Cluster is to familiarize the students with a working understanding of consulting industry, roles, client engagement process, solution development and presentation techniques and its applicability in a diverse client business environment for any industry.

Acceptance into this prestigious program is a major step in the right direction for my career progression, as it will expose me to various dynamics and professionals within the Consulting industry in the Columbus area, and this is something I am highly considering as a career path. The diversity of opportunities and exposures both Fisher and Ohio State provides to its students through general course work to possible organizations and programs helps tremendously with after college career preparation. I have very high expectations and ambitious goals for my future, and on a professional aspect, my experiences at Ohio State thus far and the more that are to come will only help me realize what it is that I wish to do with my life and how I can put myself in the best position(s) to get there.

G.O.A.L.S. – Original Inquiry

As a business student, I tend to limit myself to business-oriented workloads and involvements. That said, I do make a point in exposing myself to different environments that are not business specific dynamics, but when it comes to actual research/work, my accomplishments are heavily business based.

I am part of the Fisher undergraduate organizations Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO), where we provide pro-bono consulting services to local nonprofit companies in and around the Columbus area. Last semester, I had the honour of serving as a Project Manager. My team and I worked with German Village Society (GVS) to aid them with a sidewalk repair initiative that they had high hopes of commencing. Although my team and I only consulted for them for 10 weeks (10 weeks = one semester ‘project cycle’), we did some very advanced work. Not only did we research various aspects to help GVS with grant writing and other government-related information, we successfully conducted two field studies of the neighbourhood in order to gauge ho badly the sidewalks truly were, as well as created a formula to provide GVS with in order for them to gain price ranges of how much this project can be expected to cost them based on several different factors.

Our project was so complex and appreciated by our client that our work was mentioned in the local German Village newspaper, as well as our team was recognized by the Fisher College of Business for outstanding application of business skills. This research and work that I spearheaded as a Project Manager helped increase the brand name of our organization, in addition contribute to the caliber reputation Fisher and Ohio State have for cultivating exceptional young professionals who yearn to make a difference.


G.O.A.L.S. – Global Awareness

Attending undergraduate college at The Ohio State University is an opportunity within itself to be exposed to various diverse people, mindsets, cultures, and backgrounds. Being one of the largest public universities in the United States, Ohio State attracts a variety of people from all over the world to Columbus, OH, and this serves as an opportunity for every Buckeye to experience the diversity that is around them.

My particular involvements at Ohio State expose me to people and dynamics that are different than mine every day. For example, being an International Affairs Scholars in itself is an amazing honour and opportunity to be exposed to a diversity of people. I myself fit this group, as I moved to America from Romania when I was quite young. In IA Scholars, there are people that come from or have ties to countries and regions all over the globe. It is a blessed opportunity for me to be able to interact, collaborate, and befriend said individuals and respect them as they respect me, no matter our physical or philosophical contrasts.

Our IA Scholars trip to Toronto, Ontario, CA was an amazing experience that served as a means to compare the cultural differences between America and Canada, in particular regards to the Syrian refugee crisis and the role Canada is playing as opposed to the United States. I was able to perceive that there is a major contrast in general public attitude and perception towards the in-taking of refugees and immigrants; Canadians are far more sentimental and sympathetic to the struggles that others are going through and they wish to do all in their power to help. From my observation, Canadians put others first, whereas Americans, for their own reasons and beliefs, put themselves first. I am not saying this is a good or bad thing; rather, it is a substantial difference in cultural norm that I was able to recognize through my trip to Toronto, that has ultimately contributed to my knowledge of global awareness.

Through my various experiences and exposures to a diversity of peoples, opinions, and dynamics, I have cultivated a higher understanding and respect for others. Everyone is different in their own ways, and it is so very important to acknowledge this and find the beauties in this dynamic.


Artifact: Carlson Leadership Academy (SigEp)

CLA 2016 Schedule

Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp), my fraternity, is a values-based fraternity that believes in building Balanced Men. SigEp revolutionized the fraternity movement by unveiling the Balanced Man Program (BMP), a concept of single-tiered membership and continuous development that begins the day a Brother joins. The BMP offers an experience focused on scholarship, leadership, professional development and life skills. Brothers learn to live their best lives through unique, rewarding programming tailored to fit their needs and prepare them for the journey of life ahead.

The Carlson Leadership Academy (CLA) provides interactive officer training to over 2,600 SigEp undergraduates and volunteers annually. Many undergraduates run for executive board positions because they have great goals and visions for their chapter. Attending an Academy ensures an officer will have the skills to manage a committee and follow through on those goals. The program also helps executive boards work together to ensure they all have goals consistent with a unified vision for the chapter.

CLA is held in February, soon after most officer elections, and chapters are encouraged to bring all new officers, rising chapter leaders and engaged volunteers.

CLA provides education for each specific officer position, as well as strategic planning and goal setting, and chapter leadership. The program emphasizes the use of each officer’s individual strengths to build a complete team. Participants spend time on chapter analysis, large and small group sessions and informal interactions with other chapters. Participants will enhance their skill sets and leadership abilities to help them as chapter officers, in other leadership roles, in group projects and eventually in the work force for the rest of their lives.

Chapter officers and campus leaders will return to campus with a better understanding of their position and ambitions, as well as a holistic strategy for moving their chapter forward.

Having attended CLA this past February, I have learned various new and impressive leadership methods and styles. The lessons which I have learned go far beyond the extent of SigEp; they are applicable to general community and life dynamics, and I strive to implement what I have learned and experienced at CLA to my everyday life operations, whether on campus, in the community, or anything in-between.


Artifact: S.T.E.P.

S.T.E.P. Budget Proposal


Ohio State’s Second-year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) was developed as a continuation of the university’s effort to redefine the student experience. STEP is a year-long commitment, having met regularly with our cohort and our cohort leader during AU15 semester, and completing the proposal in the SP16 semester, which can be found above.

STEP has helped me truly challenge my aspirations and vision for myself. In other words, by making me think about my future, in particular my career path, STEP has pushed me to learn more about myself so that I may realize the dynamic of a businessman that I see myself being in the future, and figuring out what I can do in the short-term future in order to prepare myself for the long-term aspirations I have.

My final proposal consists of my internship experience that is to happen this summer in Columbus, through working as a Financial Representative Intern with Northwestern Mutual. Although I am possibly interested in other fields and industries as a career, such as the consulting realm, I aim to expose myself to different business dynamics in order to gain a good understanding of the career options that are available to me in the future and as early as upon graduation. I am greatly anticipating my internship this summer for I think it will prove an insightful experience into the financial services industry, and this is a direct result of the realization STEP made me had that the best thing to do whilst in college is to explore my career and professional options through various internships, co-ops, and programs. The only way for me to know what career options are out there for me is to experience them myself, and STEP has instilled in me this professional maturity.

Artifact: Marketing for a Better Tomorrow

Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations Marketing for a Better Tomorrow

Marketing for a Better Tomorrow was an event I had attended AU15, on Thursday, December 4, 2015. This event was located in the US Bank Theatre Room in the Ohio Union. This event is put on by the graduate student organization from Fisher, Fisher Association for Marketing Professionals (AMP).

This event is unique in its goal to bring together those who are dedicated to marketing, service, and bettering the Columbus community. The event featured keynote speakers who discussed the challenges and triumphs of integrating business with corporate social responsibility, as well as interactive workshops. These workshops were designed to bring together diverse teams of Fisher MBA students, Fisher undergraduate students and organizations, Fisher faculty members, business professionals, and non-profit professionals.

Being part of the undergraduate Fisher student organization, Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations, we collaborated with AMP for this unique event due to our commitment to working with local Columbus nonprofit organizations and companies pro-bono.

The first part of the event was spent in smaller cohorts, working representatives of various nonprofits in and around Columbus and attempting to help them with their particular needs and challenges that they were facing at that time. Afterwards, the rest and the majority of the event was spent listening to various representatives from a diversity of companies. These professionals were: John Rush from CleanTurn, Liz Geraghty from Wendy’s, and Dianne Radigan from Cardinal Health.

Having been abel to hear what these individuals had to say about corporate responsibility and marketing for good, it left with an inspiring sense of motivation to eventually sport a career path that is for the greater good of various communities and peoples, for at the end of the day we are supposed to help one another as human beings, and being a caring professional and global citizen, this is the most important aspect of a prosperous carrer.