Speech Perception & Acoustics Laboratory welcomes your tax-deductible contributions and gifts in support of student research.  We currently have two charitable opportunities:

SPA Lab Heritage Fund

This fund is used for student help with documenting the history, nature and development of regional dialect variation in American English using advanced speech analysis methods. The fund supports preservation of historical sound recordings by digitizing the old tapes and building a database for a modern investigation of sound change. These pursuits will serve not only to increase our understanding of regional language variation and change in pronunciation across generations but to cherish family traditions as spoken language is handed on from each older generation to the younger. [312451 SPA Heritage]

 SPA Lab Student Development Fund

The resources from this fund are used to support the training of young scholars in the general area of speech and language science and to provide resources for student research. The goal of this initiative is to promote innovative student projects, to nurture the intellectual curiosity of a young mind, and to encourage research creativity. The SPA Lab Student Development Fund supports an annual prize for outstanding graduate student research. [312452 SPA Student]


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