Background Information

Clinical Background

People can lose all or part of an arm or leg for a number of reasons. Common ones include:

  • Problems with blood circulation. These may be the result of atherosclerosis or diabetes. Severe cases may result in amputation.
  • Injuries, including from traffic accidents and military combat
  • Cancer
  • Birth defects

Types of Upper extremity disarticulation:

  • Partial Hand or Fingers
  • Below Elbow
  • Above Elbow
  • Shoulder or Forequarter Disarticulation
  • Bilateral Upper Limit

Resources by Amputation Level


Facts and statistics

  • 50,000 new amputations every year in USA based on information from National Center for Health Statistics
  • The ratio of upper limb to lower limb amputation is 1:4 (4)
  • The most common is partial hand amputation with loss of 1 or more fingers, 61,000
    and the next common is loss of one arm, 25,000
  • Of the existence of 350,000 persons with amputations in USA, 30% have upper limb loss
  • And of this, wrist and hand amputations are estimated to make up 10% of upper limb population
  • Finally, transradial amputations make up 60% of total wrist and hand amputations


A bit of info from The Amputee Coalition: 

After experiencing some of the hard tasks using one hand, out team had also found some useful tool or method to help release the pressure of focusing on one task and help make the process easier than one can expect.

Existing Products


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