Seconds Matter: Genoa Safety Services Rennovation

By: Justin Nguyen

           Genoa’s Police and Fire Department share the same building, and they share the rest of the land with construction housing and a very popular park. One thing that they all have in common is the use of two exits in and out of the facilities. This leads to traffic that hinders the emergency responders time that it takes to get to the situation. With an added exit, this will allow the responders to be able to leave more efficiently. This small difference in travel time could be the difference of someone living or dying.

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Adding Bike Paths to Save Traffic

Bike paths in the city of Columbus are not nearly used as much as the could be in compared to other cities. Although these paths are used it seems like there could be major changes to the system in order for them to be used constantly. Columbus is home to heavy traffic and many accidents occur with this problem. There is a solution to this mess and it could be a simple as putting on a helmet and biking your way to your destination. Unfortunately the central Ohio region is very spread out so this could be difficult to bike but adding paths to heavy congested areas could maximize efficiency. Steps to adding more paths, Increasing safety, and adding more parks to the area will greatly increase and activate the citizens of Central Ohio.

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Bike Lanes for North Campus*

With a growing population of cyclists on the Ohio State Main Campus, it is becoming increasingly important for both the bicyclists and the pedestrians that share the campus with them to have safe and defined spaces for each of them to travel. This project outlines a plan to add four bike lanes to the North Campus Area to increase the safety and efficiency of this mode of transportation.


Looking Forward: A Simple Addition to the Transit Model

Today’s transit model has a number of problems, but none are as large as its inherently limited service area. It is this that causes the bus transit network to have poor service in lower density neighborhoods, which can lead to poverty if the inhabitants cannot get to work. But as self driving cars become more viable, they can be incorporated into the existing transit model cheaply and easily. In my Vlog, I propose a small addition to the current bus transit model as used by Columbus that will allow more people to reliably use existing transit to get to work.



Edwin Shuttleworth

From the Ashes: Phoenix Apartments

In the town of Sunbury Ohio, there lies an abandoned factory where the Nestle company used to be.  For the years after it closed its doors, it has sat empty.  The factory closing had an obvious negative effect on the town of Sunbury, but Sunbury has come a long way since then.  That’s why this proposal is to turn the old factory and build an apartment complex on this land.  It will be called Phoenix Apartments, and it will provide many benefits to the town of Sunbury, and will help Sunbury rise from the ashes the factory left when it shut down.

See full report P. Apartments-26hymss


Revitalizing Toledo(final project)

This project will focus on the development of a site that would increase employment of Toledo ,and additionally attempt to raise median income. Owens community college offers the perfect opportunity to provide Toledo with what its citizens think is a much needed workforce boosts. Three interviews done with Toledo residents of various ages all maintained that Toledo must progress in ways of education. The idea for this project is to imitate a Columbus State style workforce education program to replace the existing one at Owen’s college campus. The design can be implemented in the existing buildings or be built north of the campus area.

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Westerville’s Abandoned Armory

Much like any town, Westerville Ohio prides itself on its history. Westerville was once known as the “driest town in the nation”, coined after the start of Prohibition in the twenties; which originated from Westerville. Even since prohibition has ended, there are only a handful of bars in historic uptown Westerville. Down State street, past there is an armory that has been decommissioned for quite some time. The structure was created in 1946, just a year after World War II ended. The building was used for years storing munitions and other various military utilities up until 1984 when it was decommissioned from service. This building has stood for many years and will stand for many more to come. It currently lies abandoned. Though it was constructed during a time of peace, this facility acted as a safeguard for Westerville as much as it was for Columbus if any action were to happen during the Cold War.

While trying to research this building, there is no recollection of the armory, even with the unlimited information of the internet. The history of this building was derived from Westerville’s public library with the help of a studied librarian. The information on this building is much like its perception among today’s inhabitants of Westerville, hidden.


Back in its prime this place served as a place of safety from any danger. Not too far from the armory is the Westerville police station which also serves to protect the people. The Armory should be revived as a federal office of the sort. This use of the building would maximize the space that it is allotted. The parking for the offices is gated off and behind the armory which offers security to the vehicles. The buildings architecture is very serious and looks like it has been there for ages. This is a good attribute because it characteristically represents the U.S. government being a strong and ever-lasting democracy. This building would be commissioned by the federal government for the government, and would bring jobs to Westerville.

-Justin Nguyen

Covered Bridge at Sycamore Park

Though no particularly clear information can be found on when the bridge was erected, since the settling of the area now known as Sycamore park in 1811, the bridge has existed and undergone numerous reconstructions, updates, and upgrades for various reasons until its current state.

The covered bridge at Sycamore Park is the very identity of Pickerington Ohio, not just in the fact that is the mascot of all government and cultural programs associated with Pickerington but also for the fact that it is the center piece of the most beautiful park in Pickerington. The Covered bridge, despite all its beauty and importance falls victim to vandalism and is all too often used as a space for underage drinking and smoking after dark as evident from the amount of broken glass and cigarette butts littering the stream it crosses. In addition to the abuse of its interior and its surroundings, the covered bridge has also not had any amount of upkeep done on it for a rather long period and thus has several rotted portions of the floor and sidings. Though this damage is not enough to make it unsafe, it does make it somewhat of an eyesore when look at it from the banks of the creek.

I do not believe that the Covered Bridge at Sycamore needs a full reconstruction, however I do believe that it needs some of the flooring replaced, a good clean up, and a repainting to return it to its vibrant white that it had when it was constructed. Though I am not entire confident of Pickerington’s economic standpoint, I do believe that it is their responsibility to maintain the structure that they call their “pride and joy”.

Though the Covered Bridge at Sycamore is still used by some, I do firmly believe that after its restoration, the Pickerington community will be happy to increase use of it.

Logan Benson

Blog Post #4 – “4th”

2.        Newark Ohio may be a quiet town for now, but in the near future this town plans to expand and grow. To attract new people and improve the city, Newark has many plans to both preserve its historic nature while also accommodating for the future. in spirit of Newark’s promising future, we (the Pineapple Planners) were tasked with creating something within the area given to us to work with to aid in the expansion and renovation of Newark. Our vision for this plot of land is to create a multi-use building comprised of both commercial and residential areas. This complex would be created to provide the people of downtown Newark a new place to shop and support local business’s, while also serving as a place to live for newcomers of Newark or natives that want a different type of living.


3.         The building that we came to agree on is simply named “4th, giving homage to the unique  stair step” design that stands four floors high. Behind the complex is a three story parking garage to serve as a place for employees of the shops, customers, and most importantly the residents of the apartments. The front of the buildings, setback is about 6 feet from the curb which allows for a decent sized gap between traffic and pedestrians that are walking around. On each side of the complex there is a 3ft gap on either side allowing for a little more room for walking on the side of the building, especially next to the McDonalds located to the front right face of the building if you were to be staring at it from the street. The overall footprint of the building is 192 ft. for the width and 188ft. for the length. For the first floor there are a total of six stores able to fit in our complex with even dimensions for all of them, 45ft by 62ft. the parking behind the structure also has relatively the same footprint as the apartment complex at 192 ft for the width and 170 ft in length. The building stands (at its highest point) at four stories with an underground basement level. The complex has two arms that extend out to the face of the complex creating a “U” shaped as pictured.

This design was incorporated so that the open space of the “U” can be used for a community center for the occupants of the apartments and is also an open area for Newark natives to relax after shopping around the first floor stores. this courtyard is beneficial to the new residents and the public because new people to Newark will need to branch out and meet people of Newark, the courtyard acts like a medium for people to meet people and create a relationship that will strengthen this new community.

4.      The design of this building was constructed with utilitarian views in mind. We wanted to create both a place that people would find interesting and want to experience such as the stores on the first floor, but we also wanted the residences to not feel like they are living in the middle of a shopping center. To compensate for the public space, residents have access to four roof gardens.

Each flat of the stair step design is used for each separate small garden accessed only by the residents of the apartments. These little gardens give the residences a part of the land that they can call their own, and not have to share the space with just anyone.

Another balance we wanted to achieve was class diversity. Each level (after the first level) offers different formats to accommodate to different styles of living. The second floor is mostly limited to smaller apartments for younger people who may not be spending a lot of time at home. The 3rd level is comprised of bigger apartments suited towards people with the need for more space. The top floor is for pent houses almost as they are suited with extra amenities such as number of bathrooms and overall area.

For the expansion of Newark, and for the people of the complex, we offer a 3 story parking garage located at the back of the apartment building. Again, the second floor is restricted to apartment owners as there is direct access from the parking garage to the residential living areas above the first floor. The first and second floors are for both residents and the public for access of the shops and events around Newark.

The Logistics of this sight also allows for this type of structure to be able to exist on this land. There is a sewage port located on the bottom right corner of the land to allow for proper sewage to come out of the building. As for getting clean water in, there is a water line directly in front of the complex. For safety there are three fire hydrants located at both ends of the arms of the apartment complex, as well as one located near the parking garage. The location of the building also is not prone to flooding as it is not in the flood zone.


Appendix: A couple ideas that we were thinking of approaching was an Park. The idea for a park came when we visited Newark and saw that their idea of a park is just a rectangle of clear, grassy land. We wanted to create a park that felt more like a park, but decided to end that pursuit because we thought that a multi-use building would be more beneficial to the city of Newark.