Scholars Dentistry Dine with the Department

I attended an event where we ate and talked with a man who was part of the Dentistry Program in Ohio State. He taught us the difference between Medical School and Dentistry School and told us what being a dentist really means. This experience has changed my life dramatically. I never thought of becoming a dentist and with this event, it has made me rethink what I would like to do career-wise in the future. 

About Me

My name is Mohamed M. Soumakieh, however, I go by my middle name, Malek. Both of my parents originated from Syria; however, I was born in New York. I graduated from Wheelersburg High School and was also named Salutatorian of my class. During my high school education, I was engaged in 3 years of soccer, 2 years of the National Honors Society, and 4 years of karate. I am currently a third year student at The Ohio State University and am majoring in Biology and minoring in Arabic in hopes of going to Medical School. As for my other activities, I am part of the MSA club, I volunteer at the NOOR Clinic in Columbus and at SON Ministries in Hilliard.

Second Year in Review

My 2018-2019 college career was a roller coaster ride. It had its’ ups and downs. In the beginning of the year, I had heard mixed opinions about what Organic Chemistry was going to be like and I can confirm that it was very difficult for me personally. I came in to the class, took notes, and felt really comfortable. However, it had turned out I underestimated the difficulty of the exams. After the first Chemistry midterm, I realized that I really needed to start studying harder and more efficiently. I tried to continue that in my second semester of Organic Chemistry, however, I managed time poorly and am now retaking the class in the summer to make up for the mistake I have made. Hopefully, my next semester will have a better start as I am now becoming more experienced on how to manage time more efficiently.


G.O.A.L.S stands for global awareness, original inquiry, academic enrichment, leadership development, and service engagement. Global awareness means that students should be encouraged to gain new experiences through traveling abroad and to try to utilize them to help them in their future careers. For example, I am considering studying abroad in the middle east to help we with gain more knowledge my minor in Arabic. Original inquiry means that students should learn to solve problems that come up in their way. They may practice doing so by engaging in research and would teach them how to handle and solve problems along the road to their career. In the future, I am definitely considering doing research and would like to start around my third year at Ohio State. Academic enrichment means that student should not be taking classes that are easy purposefully. They should try to enroll into rigorous that will challenge. I could debate that my Chem 2520 class is achieving that, but also in the future I will have to take other rigorous classes that will fulfill my biology major. Leadership development means that students should try to earn leadership positions while being at Ohio State through clubs, raising fundraisers, and in community service. I will try to do this by trying to achieve a position in the MSA club through the upcoming years. I am also involved in a community service at my local mosque.

Although I may still be an incoming third year at Ohio State, I do have many goals in mind that I would love to achieve. By this semester, my goal is to try to balance my studying with playing soccer. My goal in college overall is to better help me prepare for entering medical school. My goal is to hopefully end up entering a medical school where I would graduate and become a successful doctor. Finally, my long-term goal is to raise a happy family. I would like to specifically talk about my goal in college overall, entering medical school and becoming a doctor. What kind of doctor? It would be a lie if I told you what I kind of doctor I would like to be because I could only name a fourth of the options provided. Ever since the 9th grade I have been trying to focus on classes that would help me achieve my goals. Furthermore, I have been gaining experiences through volunteers in the hospital and shadowing many different types of doctors. Now that I am in the scholars program I have many more options and opportunities to help me enter medical school. Through the scholars program, I am planning on doing research on many of the various topics out there. I also would like to try and get into a leadership position in the MSA club. Lastly, I would like to volunteer in local hospitals and maybe later on travel to other countries and help over there.


In this picture, my Sunday School decided to leave me in charge (since I was the oldest) of raising a fundraiser and donate it to the hospital. So I decided that all the children of the school submit some kind of art work and we would then present them to the public and see if they would purchase it. At first, it was kind of hard since most of the students at school were very young and I had to adapt to deal with young kids which was something I had never done before. However, as you can see, all went well and we raised exactly $1000 which was much more than I thought I could raise with young children’s art. This experience has taught me that not all situations are the same, you have to adapt and change the way you normally do things in order to complete the task presented.