GE Assignment

Written Portion






Rough Draft


Here is an excerpt from my rough draft of my GE assignment essay:

(Artist: Adolf Wolfli) Not only does he include different elements, but he also seems to utilize different mark making strategies to achieve his final product. Within a single work, one may observe regular shading, hatching, and crosshatching. Each work pulls from a very different color scheme, making some come across more playful and others more dark and brooding. In regard to his line quality, he uses colored pencils to create most of his drawings, and it is perhaps for that I read them in a more innocent manner. This really stood out to me, as it is not something I have seen in other artists.

Artist Research


Long List:

  1. Keith Haring
  2. Russel Crotty
  3. Royal Art Lodge
  4. John James Audubon
  5. Nancy Spero
  6. Michael Landy
  7. Adolf Wolfli

Short List:

  1. Keith Haring – I have always loved Haring’s catching pop-art style, and in reading a bit about him I really like that he made it a goal to make his art work more accessible to the non-artist world.
  2. Michael Landy – He seems to have a very diverse portfolio of work, best known for conceptual and installation art. What I was most drawn to in his drawings was his sketches of weeds!
  3. Adolf Wolfli – Wolfli became an artist after being institutionalized, and I think this contributes to the intrigue of his work to some extent. His work is very intricate and you can read a lot into all of the detail work!