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Cover of Sonidos en contexto with the following in Spanish: "Sonidos en contexto: una introduccion a la fonetica del espanol con especial referencia a la vida real" by Terrell A. Morgan

Sonidos en contexto is a comprehensive, theory-independent description of Spanish phonetics and phonology for intermediate to advanced students.

It provides articulatory descriptions of native pronunciations, as well as practical advice on producing native-like sounds and a logical progression of exercises leading to that end.

What sets this book apart from other phonetics texts is its emphasis on real-world examples of spoken Spanish, using native pronunciation modeled in natural contexts.

While other available texts stress phonetic theory, this one provides hands-on activities that are entertaining, culturally framed, and relevant to students’ interests and experiences.

The book also includes:

  • An online instructor’s manual
  • Engaging, colorful exercises in the text
  • Photos of realia
  • A high quality and very diverse 6-hour audio program.