How to stay motivated in your school work

Everyday college students have so much on their plate whether it’s school work, jobs, clubs, or their social life. Many find it difficult to balance all of these and will skip class or just not do an assignment. This is a very bad habit and can create many hardships later down the road. Why not finish all of your stuff on time and not feel stressed?

Procrastinating will hurt you mentally and physically. You will probably spend many hours or an all nighter on an assignment that was given two weeks ago rather than splitting it up in portions within the time frame. Procrastinating all your work will make you feel stressed and often times it makes me want to give up. However, not all students are the same and some enjoy the last minute adrenaline before an assignment is due and can get it done. To those who do not enjoy putting everything to the last minute to get that rush, I highly suggest in creating a list or writing in your planner of what assignments are due.
I like to mark my due dates and split up my weekly work so I don’t feel overwhelmed. When you’re getting your assignments done, you feel accomplished and relieved. That feeling will make you less stressed and want to stay on top of your school work instead of letting it slide.

Another tip to stay motivated in your school work is to find an environment that will allow you to focus and not get easily distracted. Whether it’s studying with a partner in your room, or alone in a coffee shop, finding the important place is vital for a student to get their work done.

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