How to not procrastinate

Procrastination always hits college students and that feeling towards the end where you’re trying to cram in an assignment is very stressful and rushed. Although not all students may feel that way, a majority of us do.

Some tips to prevent yourself from procrastinating are to find a good study space, split up your work load, and set short term goals for yourself. I find that splitting up my workload helps me so much in not procrastinating. For example, for this online class I split up the weekly assignments by the readings/quizzes one day, a discussion post another day, and other miscellaneous tasks other days. I like to work on at least one thing from each my classes every night so I am on track and not behind.

I also make short term goals for myself. For example, I will set a goal that I want all of my weekly assignments done by Thursday so I can enjoy my weekend without thinking about school. I like to set short term goals like that because it motivates me to get my work done before the weekend so I can relax and enjoy it much better than stressing about the assignments I haven’t done. This helps me from not procrastinating until the last minute and it motivates me to reach my goal.

A good study space also plays a huge role in not procrastinating. Finding the perfect environment that will enhance your ability to focus plays a huge difference in not procrastinating. If you’re sitting in a crowded and loud room you might not be able to think clearly or comprehend what you’re trying to read. Therefore, finding somewhere where you can lock your head into what needs to be done is a game changer for being on top of your school work.

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