How has technology changed our education?

Technology is evolving every day and many universities, even high schools, are transitioning their paperwork/readings/quizzes to online versions. Having access to textbooks, journals, quizzes, readings, etc. all on one device is very efficient and sustainable. Instead of cutting down trees and using so many pieces of paper a few times during a semester is not worth it. I find that technology has made our education more innovative and helpful for students in this society.

I use my iPad in class probably every day. I use it to look at powerpoints and I also like to write on it while the teacher is lecturing. This allows me to make little notes about each slide instead of taking time and writing every bullet point on a piece of paper. I find that writing on a piece of paper wastes a lot of time and especially if your teacher moves at a fast pace, you won’t be able to get every bit of information. I also like to use my iPad to type my notes on the notability app. I like typing more than writing on paper in class because I type faster and it allows me to look back at my legible notes instead of looking at messy, rushed, handwriting on a loose leaf.

Technology has made us smarter and more efficient of our resources. We’re not only saving our planet but also teaching students a new form of learning that is just as or more beneficial.

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