Module 5 – Note Taking

Hello everyone. This weeks module was all about online learning strategies and skills, specifically note taking. Everyone knows how hard it can be to remember everything you are taught. Especially with everything being online now, it can be very easy to get distracted and not even actually pay attention when watching lectures or going over slides. As a student, I’m sure you know that you have to take notes in order to retain information. But sometimes taking notes isn’t enough, so I am here to teach you my favorite ways to retain the information I am taught.

The first thing I like to do is to pre read and pre study any lectures, or topics that are about to be presented to me. Having a prior understanding to what I am about to be taught, really helps me understand more. I don’t necessarily take notes during this step, I just listen and or read. Then, when being taught, I take notes on the things the professor is saying. If they provide me with the slides, that is ever better, I just add to them. I like to take notes using notability, because I can use my apple pencil and write (instead of typing) and still have my notes all be organized in one place. After the lecture, I go back and read over my notes and highlight anything I do not understand. I then research those things, ask questions, and take more notes. I then create a little quizlet quiz to test myself on these notes. I do this quiz everyday a couple times a day until I get 100% on each quiz. I also re read my notes every week up until the exam on the topic. This strategy of learning has helped me in all of my college courses, and I hope it can help you too!

Module 4: Online Study Tools

There are many online tools to help you in learning, some which you may have heard of before and some which may be new to you. The first and probably most popular, is quizlet. Quizlet is a website and app used to study topics with learning tools and games. It includes flashcards, mini quizzes, and games. This is helpful because it makes studying more fun by making it interactive, rather than just reading over notes. Quizlet is my #1 studying tool. The next site I have found to be useful is Khan Academy . Khan Academy has free online courses, lessons and ways to practice the topics you are learning. This site is helpful if you are struggling on a certain topic and need it explained more thoroughly. Sometimes a topic might be easier than how your teacher is teaching it to you, so Khan Academy helps you recognize that by breaking it down into simpler steps. The last useful site I found was studyspanish.  This is a free site that helps you learn Spanish online. It contains tutorials with audio, cultural notes, grammar, vocabulary, verb drills and links to other helpful sites. A lot of people that want to learn a new language might not have access to a person to help them, so being able to learn it online for free is super useful. Whatever you are learning, there will be a site out there that will help you study it.

Module 3 – The Importance of Planning.

Hello all you successful students! Today I am going to talk to you about the importance of keeping track of your time, and my new favorite way to do it – Google Calendar. One thing about me is that I have always been a very organized person. I am very specific about what needs to get done, and when it should get done. I never like to turn in things late, or miss assignments. I am a very punctual person. The one thing that helps me be this way is planning my weeks. Every single Sunday night I sit down, pull out my pretty pink and gold planner, my favorite sharpie pen, and scribble in everything I need to get done the next week. Every little thing, and down to the exact minute of when I am going to do it. This may sound tedious and a little crazy, but trust me, it guarantees I get it done. If it’s not in my planner, it’s not happening. I often find myself out and about, or at work, and wanting to look at what the rest of my day looks like. Since my planner is at home, I can’t do this. Until this week I had to start a google calendar for an assignment, and let me tell you.. life changing. I can be anywhere, work, school, the gym, in bed, you name it, and I can pull out my phone and see my schedule! I can see what time I need to do what, and I can see my tasks for the day. No more stressing while I’m out about what I need to get done that day. So, if you want to be a very organized and punctual person like me, start planning your everyday. and use google calendar, you will thank me later.

Learnings from Module 2

Hello everyone! It’s only week 2 in ESEPY 1159 and I have already learned so much about online tools, but also about myself. This weeks lesson was all about communicating and collaborating on the web. This includes emailing professors, discussion posts, group communication, collaborating online, and many other things. The most important thing I learned in this weeks modules is netiquette. As Julie Spira would say, Netiquette is the correct way to communicate on the internet. ( Just like theres etiquette for fancy dinners or weddings, there is etiquette for everything online. With majority of things being online due to the pandemic (work, school, meetings, shopping etc.) this is a very important time to focus on your own netiquette. One way you already practice this is your zoom classes. Proper netiquette for zoom meetings includes muting your microphone when you’re not speaking, proper position of your camera, little to no distractions, and being prepared on what you are about to learn. If these are things you do while in zoom classes, then you are already practicing good netiquette, great job! Another important thing to note when communicating online is that you cannot see other peoples expression, or hear their tone of voice. This means you should pay extra attention to your wording and grammar when communicating online. Even though you might know it, you practice netiquette everyday!