Volunteering for Matthew 25 Ministries

On March 7th I volunteered for Matthew 25 Ministries. The work of Matthew 25 Ministries helps the poorest of the poor and disaster victims throughout the United States and around the world.

They accept monetary donations and product donations of misprinted, slightly damaged, over-stocked, or gently used supplies from corporations, organizations, and individuals nationwide. They also supplement outside donations by manufacturing, assembling, and blending products in-house including school notebooks, pencils, rice-soy meals, and paint.

With the help of their volunteers, these goods are processed at our over 200,000 square-foot Processing Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and then shipped via forty-foot seagoing containers and by semi-trailers to the poorest of the poor and disaster victims.

Matthew 25 Ministries also provides humanitarian aid to the poorest of the poor and disaster victims by collecting product donations from corporations, organizations, and individuals. With the help of their volunteers, Matthew 25 evaluates, sorts, and processes these donated items before shipping them to people in need. These steps ensure that the products meet the social, legal, and cultural requirements of the area.

In order to reach as many people as possible, Matthew 25 Ministries partners with non-profit organizations in the recipient locations. Through these relationships we ensure that donated goods are shipped to places with true needs and distributed by people who are familiar with the area. Matthew 25 Ministries works with more than 40 organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area, groups throughout the United States, and partners in over 60 countries worldwide.

Even last year when the tornado hit Dayton, I volunteered for them. In disaster situations, time is a precious commodity, and implementing an effective disaster response is critical. Matthew 25 Ministries is constantly monitoring its readiness to meet the needs of a sudden disaster. This includes maintaining the facilities and resources needed, as well as being ready to engage disaster relief volunteers from the local community who want to help provide relief to the victims. In order to provide the most effective disaster response possible, supplies must be sorted prior to being shipped so that they are ready for immediate distribution.

Matthew 25 Ministries’ focus during disasters is typically on moving large amounts of critically needed aid into the affected area. When their Disaster Response Team deploys, they utilize a fleet of specialty vehicles to distribute initial loads of aid and set up distribution channels through partner organizations for future shipments.


Source: https://m25m.org