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On November 14thI attended a meeting hosted by the Alexander Hamilton Society. I am not interested in politics at all, but my roommate who is majoring in political science convinced me to go. He is a member since September of freshmen year, so I thought it was a good idea to try out something new. The meeting was held in Thompson Library in a conference room. What surprised me was that the meeting was held by students, and not by teachers/professors. During the meeting, we talked about President Trump’s visit to France, Midterm Elections results and foreign policy, OPEC oil cuts and technology in the military.


(Trump was more a focus last year because he was a special guest of French President Emmanuel Macron at the annual Bastille Day parade. This time, Trump was among more than 60 world leaders attending events marking the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I. Paris has paid more attention to the solemn war memorial than to the American president. Democratic presidents like Barack Obama tend to be more popular with them than Republican ones because of their left-leaning politics. There is something about Trump – the avatar of an “America First” foreign policy who has clashed with Macron and threatened to pull support from the NATO military alliance – that really drives the French up a wall.

Oil markets are oversupplied and need active management by OPEC. The oversupply is largely in the light crude barrels produced by the U.S. as Trump pushes OPEC to keep prices low. Global markets are wary about trade dispute woes ahead of the G-20 meeting in Argentina on November 30thand December 1st, and OPEC meeting in Austria on December 6th.

A controversial Google contract with the U.S. military will not be renewed next year after internal and public outcry against it. The program itself was not particularly distasteful or lucrative but served as a foot in the door for the company to pursue more government work that may very well have been chief executive Jeff Bezos has defended his company’s effort to aid the US military with its advanced technology, after the bidding for government contracts by the tech industry triggered a recent wave of employee protests at some companies.)


In this group most people were conservative, but there was an extremely liberal student who had an unusual idea. She said it would be great to let China take over the world so there would be no more wars and world peace could be achieved. I was amazed that her opinion was treated with a lot of respect by the members of the Alexander Hamilton Society, and they explained why this would be a not so great idea. But she could not be convinced, and she ended up leaving. I am independent when it comes to politics, so it was good to learn a few things about the conservative side. Next time maybe I will go to a liberal meeting to compare the 2 sides.

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